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Easley, SC New Deal Art

Easley, SC Post Office

“Cultivation of Corn”
by Renzo Fenci (1942) – terra-cotta relief

New Deal/WPA Art in Easley, South Carolina
The artist initially wanted to sculpt the six figures separately. The Section of Fine Art informed him there was not enough money for him to sculpt six; they wanted him to sculpt the three male figures in the middle. However, the artist felt that the title would not be correct if he only developed the three male figures. He elected to produce all six figures on his own. However, the Section elected to pay him only half of the initial contract. While installing the relief, the artist found a soft spot in the 12 inch thick wall and actually broke through. He also gouged out a piece of the molding around the ceiling with his chisel.

The Section refused to pay him the full contract until he corrected the damage. It took him 8 months to finish his contract, correct the damage and receive his payment. While working on the relief, the artist lived in a boarding house across the street from the Post Office. The boarding house is still standing.

The old Post Office building is now owned and used by the Medlin Investment Group.

Images courtesy of the USPS