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New Deal/WPA Art in Kennebunkport, Maine

“The Bathers” by Elizabeth Tracey, the original Post Office mural for this Post Office, was funded by the Section of Fine Arts under the Treasury Department and not the WPA.

Kennebunkport, ME Post Office

unknown title – oil on canvas
by Gordon Grant (1944)

The original Kennebunkport mural, painted in 1941 by Elizabeth Tracey, and entitled “Bathers” was removed due to criticism from local citizens. The present-day mural was painted in 1944 by Gordon Grant. It depicts Kennebunkport Harbor and the vesssel “Brig Lima”. The locals actually raised over $1,000 to have the second mural painted. The issue eventually went to the US Congress. The proposal that the Government accept the Kennebunkport citizens’ version of proper Post Office art was introduced as an amendment to the “Independent Offices Appropriations Bill.”
- Information from local newspaper articles

Image courtesy of the USPS

Photograph taken by William Kolodrubetz.