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Manistique, MI New Deal Art

The History of the Manistique, MI Post Office Story:
Schoolcraft County was officially organized in 1851 and was named in honor of Henry R. Schoolcraft, long time resident of Michigan, who has served as an Indian Agent and was deeply involved with all aspects of local Michigan Indian history and folklore. Manistique was founded in 1871 by Henry R. Schoolcraft who named it after the Ojibawa name for the Monistique River, but when registered with the state, an error in spelling was made, so they let it stand. (Monistique means vermillion).

The Manistique, MI Post Office located in Schoolcraft County, Manistique Township was originally established as ESPORT on March 17, 1873 with William M. Cowell as its first postmaster. The name changed to MANISTIQUE on January 27, 1879 and is still in use today using zip code 49854. Another post office existed prior to the establishment of ESPORT and that was the MONISTIQUE Post Office, Manistique Township established on June 15, 1865 with John H. Whitbeck as its first postmaster, and discontinued operation on August 20, 1869 with mail service to ESCONAWBA Post Office, which later changed its name on June 1, 1875 to ESCANABA.

The SOUTH MANISTIQUE Post Office located in Thompson Township was established on March 9, 1883 with Matthew Gunton as its first postmaster and discontinued operation on December 14, 1903 with mail service to Manistique. The Dedication of the New Post Office Building in Manistique took place on August 30, 1940 with Frank M. Gierke, Sr. serving as postmaster at that time. On August 18, 1941 a mural on canvas was installed in this post office, titled, “Logging” painted by David Fredenthal.

Manistique, MI Post Office
“Logging” – oil on canvas
by David Fredenthal (1941)