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  • Who’s Who in the New Deal

    Jacob Baker (1895-1967) – Administrator of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and later of the WPA. Baker was one of the principal creators of Federal One and the WPA/FAP. Internal politics and personality conflicts shortened his tenure on the project he

  • History of the New Deal Art Projects

    In 1933 and 1934, during the period of “The Great Depression,” the Federal government’s Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) was organized by the Civil Works Administration. The general purpose of the program was “to give work to artists by

  • New Deal/W.P.A. Artist Biographies

     States would frequently “borrow” another state’s artists. The State List of Artists contains people who did work in a particular state but who might have been registered in another state. There is now a biography research page with a list of resources for researching

  • WPA Art Definitions

    In order for the layman to understand what type of art was produced by the New Deal artists, I have included this page of definitions of common art terms.   Aquatint: An intaglio, etching, and tonal printing process in which

  • 48 States Competition

    The 48 States Competition (1939)   The following information is quoted from “New Deal Art in Alabama Post Offices and Federal Buildings” Alabama Moments in History The Treasury Section of Fine Arts was established in October of 1934. It was to

  • WPA Art Centers

    One of the great gifts of the WPA art program was the creation of community art centers. Although most of these centers ceased operation when government funding ended, many of them evolved into local art museums and centers that continue