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  • Buhl, ID New Deal Art

    Compiled from “The Buhl Herald” archives by James H. Barker The next time you’re in the Buhl post office, if you look just above the postmaster’s door you’ll see a mural. Have you ever wondered how it got there or

  • Kellogg, ID New Deal Art

    Most of the post office works of art were funded under the Treasury Department’s Section commissions. Those works that were created using TRAP funds are so indicated. Although the WPA funded the construction of post office buildings, the artwork was

  • Boise, ID WPA Art

    Ada County Courthouse – Boise, Idaho “First there was his moustache, which we natives call ‘handlebar’ and gawk at admiringly. Next there were courthouse murals which he first designed. Although he dropped the project for private business, and many of