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  • Morgan Park Station Post Office

    New Deal/WPA Art in Morgan Park, Chicago, Illinois – This Post Office mural was funded by the Section of Fine Arts under the Treasury Department and not the WPA. Morgan Park Station, Chicago, IL Post Office “Father Marquette – 1674″

  • Logan Square Post office Chicago

    WPA/New Deal Art in the Logan Square Branch Post Office, Chicago, Illinois “The Post” – metal sculpture by Hildreth Meiere (1937)

  • Dwight, Illinois Post Office

    “The Stage at Dawn” Dwight, Illinois Post Office Carlos Lopez – 1937

  • East Alton Post Office

    “The Letter” East Alton, Illinois Post Office Frances Foy – 1936

  • East Moline, Il Post Office

    The post office of East Moline, Illinois has a wonderful fresco by Edgar Britton entitled “Early Settlers”. It was done in 1936 and is still extant. (special thanks to Joe Pigati, Tina Katkus, & John Flannery for their help and

  • Fairfield, Illinois Post Office

    “Old Settlers” Fairfield, Illinois Post Office William Schwartz – 1936

  • Gibson City, Illinois Post Office

    “Hiawatha Returning with Minehaha” Gibson City, Illinois Post Office Frances Foy – 1940

  • Gillespie, Il Post Office

    “Illinois Farm” Gillespie, Illinois Post Office Gustaf Dalstrom – 1935

  • Lewistown, IL Post Office

    “Lewistown Milestones” Lewistown, Illinois Post Office Ida Abelman – 1941

  • McLeansboro, Il Post Office

    “First Official Air Mail Flight” McLeansboro, Illinois Post Office Dorothea Mierisch – 1941