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Cleveland, OH art

New Deal/WPA Art in Cleveland, Ohio



Public Library:
The public library in Cleveland, Ohio has an extensive internet gallery of New Deal art owned by the Cleveland Public Library. This gallery includes:


  • Ora Coltman (1858-1940), Dominance of the City, 1933-4
  • Donald Duer Bayard (1904-1970), Early Transportation (Cleveland’s Waterfront About 1835), 1934
  • August F. Biehle, Jr. (1885-1979), Ohio Canal, 1934
  • William Dolwick, Ohio City in 1834, 1933-4
  • Joseph Egan, (1906-1979), Old Reservoir Walk, 1933-4
  • Ambrozi Paliwoda, (1910-1999), Out of the Past, the Present; Out of the Material, the Spiritual, 1933-4
  • Max Bachofen, Snow and Wind, 1933-4
  • William Sommer (1867-1949), The City in 1833, 1934
  • Stanley Dale, Western Reserve and the Firelands, 1933-4

Easel Paintings

  • George Adomeit (1879-1967), House on Prospect Avenue, 1933
  • Joseph Egan, (1906-1979), Public Square with Fountain, 1933-4
  • Joseph Egan, (1906-1979), Sleigh-racing on Euclid Avenue, 1933-4
  • Matthew Daniels, Store Room by Railroad Crossing, 1940

Easel Paintings for Children

  • Paul Riba, Cauldron Scene, East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon, 1933-4
  • Earl J.Neff, East o’the Sun, West o’ the Moon, 1933-4
  • Paul Riba, Johnny Appleseed, 1933-4
  • Paul Riba, Lassie Awakens the Prince, 1933-4
  • Robert D. Book, Mowgli Riding with Buffalo and Wolf, 1934
  • James Napoli, Rip Gathers the Children about him to tell them tales, 1933-4
  • James Napoli, Rip Waking Up, 1933-4
  • James Napoli, The Game of the Elves, 1933-4
  • Earl J. Neff, The Snow Queen, 1933-4


  • Clarence Zuelch, Charcoal study, 1934
  • Clarence Zuelch, Charcoal study, 1934
  • Sheffield Kagy, Charcoal study of C.W. A. Workmen on the Cleveland Mall, 1934
  • Sheffield Kagy, Charcoal study of C.W. A. Workmen #2, 1934
  • Sheffield Kagy, Charcoal study of C.W. A. Workmen on Cleveland Lakefront, 1934

Other New Deal Art Exhibits include: Ceramic Sculptures, Dolls, and Graphic Arts.

Visit the Cleveland Public Library at: and the exhibit, New Deal Art at the Cleveland Public Library.



Valleyview Homes (public housing)
2543 West 7th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

The following information and photographs about the Valleyview Homes are from the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) website:

“The Valleyview Homes Estate was opened in 1940 and is located in the historic Tremont neighborhood of the city of Cleveland. The original Valleyview Homes Estate contained a total of 582 residential units, a community center/office complex, and a boiler house and was constructed at a total cost of $3,503,539.00. Over the past 20 years, a total of 339 units have been demolished due to deteriorated conditions and in order to make way for I-490.

Valleyview Homes Estate also benefited from the Ohio Art Program, which was a part of the WPA’s Federal Art Project, a depression-era program to provide outlets for artists’ work, particularly in decorating public buildings. On the wall of the Community Center was a terra-cotta mural of the project designed by W. LeRoy Flint and executed by Henry Olmer. In addition, Henry Keto made 24 ceramic tiles depicting the history of the Tremont area. Three large canvas murals were installed at Valleyview, (i.e., one in Management office and two in the Community Building) two of which were by Elmer Brown, an African American artist from Cleveland Ohio and one by Louis Grebenak, another local artist. Cast stone animals were also created and used as play sculptures in Valleyview.”

  • A glazed mosaic by W. Leroy Flint on the exterior of the community center on West Seventh Street shows an overview of the estate.
  • Twenty-four decorative glazed terra cotta tile panels by Henry Keto are set into the breezeway separating the center recreation wing from the office wing.
  • Inside the recreation room, on opposite walls, are two murals by noted black artist Elmer Brown, depicting Cleveland’s past and present, its industry and commerce.
  • A mural by Louis Grebenak that hangs in the offices depicts the conception and construction of Valleyview.
  • In the center’s basement, a playroom’s walls feature eight ceramic bas-reliefs of animals. Throughout the complex, cast stone animal figures playfully show the way.

Albert Albano, Executive Director of the Intermuseum Conservation Association, 2915 Detroit Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113, Ph: (216) 658-8700, Fax: (216) 658-8709, Email:, is heading a movement to save this endangered art.

Articles about the Valleyview WPA art:



Additional information about WPA art in Cleveland’s Public Housing, such as the Lakeview Terrace Homes, is available at


“Mural is Revealed: One Cotton Swab at a Time,” Antique Week (7/29/02)
Article about the Cleveland State Theatre pre-WPA murals done by James Daugherty. (pdf file 412kb)