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East Portland, Oregon New Deal Art

Most of the post office works of art were funded under the Treasury Department’s Section commissions. Those works that were created using TRAP funds are so indicated. Although the WPA funded the construction of post office buildings, the artwork was not WPA but was usually produced under the Section or TRAP programs.

East Portland, Oregon New Deal Art

East Portland, OR Post Office
“Post Rider”
by Paul Grellert (1936)
photograph by Mr. Steve Hodgkins

photograph by Mr. Mark Humpal

This mural is listed in several sources as destroyed but is extant. The mural was destroyed during the renovation of the Post Office in the late 1960s, but Paul Grellert, the original artist, repainted the mural in 1970. Grellert made some changes, the most notable being that the horse is now brown, versus the original white. According to the artist, he simply went into the Post Office, was shocked and upset that the mural was gone, and offered to paint another. Records indicate he coordinated with the General Services Administration in regards to appropriately prepping the wall for attachment of the mural as well as coordinating installation.*

*The above information regarding the second creation of this mural was donated by Mr. Mark Humpal of Mark Humpal Fine Art, who interviewed the artist.