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Golden Gate Exposition

The Golden Gate Exposition of 1939 held on Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

This is an oil on canvas original WPA Artists mural
entitled “First Official View of Treasure Island” (9′ x 6′)
from the Golden Gate Exposition.
(artist unknown but apparently from Berkeley)

Photograph contributed by Patrice Mitchell

“This oil was painted a few years prior to the Expo’s opening to show the world an aerial view of what to expect at the fair. It was placed on display, in the tunnel entrance to the Fair, after the Fair opened as the story goes. It is painted in oil on wood and is approximately 9 feet by 6 feet. Ms. Mitchell’s grandfather retired from the SFPD in the sixties as Chief of Inspectors and was given the picture as a gift when he worked the security of the Expo in 1939-40. When the Fair closed they wanted to get rid of some of these large pieces that at the time were considered insignificant.” from Patrice Mitchell

For more information, visit the Treasure Island Museum website at: