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WPA Art in Greenhills, Ohio

From the Village of Greenhills, OH website:

“As one of three “Greenbelt Communities” built by the federal government during the 1930s, Greenhills is surrounded by parkland and trees. Nearly 4,400 residents inhabit 1,685 homes, with many families including third and fourth generation descendants from original “pioneers.” Several unique housing units are available in the village. The original government-built area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”



WPA Art created for Greenhills included:

Paul Chidlaw (born 1900- died 1989) murals in the Alumni Museum, Community Building (Pioneer Room)

Richard Zoellner (born 1909 – died 2003) frieze entitled “Life Along the Ohio River” located in the Community Building Library – painted over – owned by School System

Leo Murphy (dates unknown) – mural that measured 180′ on 3 walls in the cafeteria in the Community Building – painted over

Vernon Atchely (dates unknown) – bas relief in the auditorium

Seth Velsey (dates unknown) – 2 statues now in Dayton, OH – “Dispute over art is carved in stone” By Lew Moores The Cincinnati Enquirer



Greenhills Historical Society