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Haven School Evanston, Il

Haven School is the home of a variety of W.P.A. sculptures. Peterpaul Ott, long-time resident of Evanston and supervisor in the Chicago Sculpture Division of the F.A.P., created a wood carving (unnamed). Louise Pain contributed nine round plaques carved out of oak wood entitled “9 Portrait Circles”, each 20″ in diameter, located in the Main Hall of the school. The exterior entrance is graced with four Bedford limestone figures installed in 1938. These statues, each one 22″ x 22″ x 6′, were done by Mary Anderson Clark and still stand guard over the students.

Far North position

Near North position

Near South position

Far South position



The large mural in the Haven School music room was painted in 1936 by Carl Scheffler. He also painted the mural depicting children’s stories in the lower level of Haven. This mural, unfortunately has been lost. Scheffler painted several murals in Evanston including those in Oakton and Noyes Schools, several Evanston restaurants (including Lynn McGown’s), and local car dealerships. (Information and Scheffler photographs provided by Todd Scheffler, grandson of Carl Scheffler).

Carl Scheffler working on the mural in the main floor area at Haven School.

“From what I have been told, my grandfather did extensive preparation prior to painting his murals. He composed the story behind the scene and painted a detailed color master for each mural. In these photos you can see the master mounted above the mural surface. My father recently told me his father even wrote a book called “The Education of Art for School Children” wherein he drew or painted many images similar to that created for the main floor mural. I thought I understood my father to say that some of the images created in this book became realized in mural form in Evanston Schools. By the way, this book is in manuscript form and was never published.” (excerpt – letter from Todd Scheffler).

Carl Scheffler working on the mural in the music room at Haven School.

Carl Scheffler working on the “Old Lady in the Shoe” story and the “Cinderella” story murals (installed in the hallway, main floor)



“Children: 9 Circle Portraits” by Louise Carolyn Pain(e)