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Louisiana New Deal Art

Post Office Artwork in Louisiana – Most of the post office works of art were funded under the Treasury Department’s Section commissions. Those works that were created using TRAP funds are so indicated. Although the WPA funded the construction of post office buildings, the artwork was not WPA but was usually produced under the Section or TRAP programs. Unless indicated, works of art are located in the US Post Office building.

Location Artist Title Date Medium
Abbeville Louis Raynaud “The Harvest” 1939 mural
(see note below)
Alice Flint “Louisiana Pageant” 1939 mural
Arcadia Allison B. Curry rural landscape 1942 mural
Bunkie Caroline S. Rohland “Cotton Pickers” 1939 mural
Covington Xavier Gonzalez “Tung Oil Industry” 1939 mural
De Ridder Conrad A. Albrizzio “Rural Free Delivery” 1936 fresco
Eunice Laura B. Lewis “Louisiana Farm” 1941 mural
Ferriday Stuart R. Purser “Southern Pattern” 1941 mural
Gretna Stuart R. Purser “Steamboats on the Mississippi” 1939 mural
(now on campus
of Southeastern University)
Xavier Gonzalez “Strawberry Farming” 1937 oil on canvas (funded by TRAP)
Haynesville Joseph Pistey, Jr. “Agriculture and Industry of Clairborne County” 1939 mural
Jeanerette Hollis Holbrook “Sugar Cane Mill” 1941 mural
Lake Providence Ethel Edwards “Life on The Lake” 1942 mural
Leesville Duncan Ferguson “The Letter” 1939 terra-cotta relief
Many Julius Struppeck “Cotton Pickers” 1941 sculpture
New Orleans,
Federal Office Building
Karl Lang “Flood Control” 1942 limestone relief
New Orleans,
Federal Office Building
Gifford Proctor “American Eagles” 1941 sculpture
New Orleans,
Federal Office Building
Armin A. Scheler “Harvesting Sugar Cane” 1941 limestone relief
Oakdale Harry Lane “Air Express” 1939 mural
Rayville Elsie Driggs “La Salle’s Quest for the Mississippi” 1939 mural
Saint Martinsville Minetta Good “Evangeline” 1940 mural
Tallulah Francisca Negueloua “The River” 1938 mural
Ville Platte,
Post Office and Agriculture Building
Paul Rohland “Louisiana Bayou” 1939 mural
Vivian John Tatschl “Trade and Learning,” “Rural Mail,” and “Harvest” 1941 walnut reliefs
Winnsboro Datus Ensign Myers “Logging in Louisiana Swamps” 1939 mural


All mural images depicted on this site are used with permission of the United States Postal Service. All rights reserved.

The Arabi Post Office mural was destroyed in 1966 when the building was renovated. The Post Office itself was under 7 feet of water from Hurricane Katrina and it has been decided to not reopen the Depression Era building.*