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Marquette, MI New Deal Art

The following photos of the Dewey Albinson oil on canvas mural in the Marquette, Michigan Post Office
was taken on December 2, 2003 by John Vacilek of Negaunee, MI and submitted with the compliments of Paul E. Petosky, “Postmarks from the Past.” Postmarks From the Past is dedicated to writing about and preserving Michigan postal history, in particular those post offices which have closed.

mural installed on June 7, 1938

photo circa late 1930′s (courtesy of Paul Petosky)
“Originally established as the Carp River Post Office in Houghton County on January 12, 1847 with William B. McNair as its first postmaster. Changed to Marquette County on June 29, 1848. The Carp River Post Office discontinued operation on April 2, 1851 and was reestablished on October 13, 1851 with Peter White as Postmaster. On April 17, 1856 it was changed to Marquette Post Office #2, and is currently in operation today using zip code 49855. The Official Opening of the Marquette Post Office and Court House took place on April 10, 1937. The Worchester Post Office was established on September 14, 1849 with Amos Rogers Harlow as its first postmaster. On August 21,1850 the Worchester Post Office became the Marquette Post Office #1 (named in honor of Jacques Marquette, the French Jesuit misssionary) and discontinued operation on August 16, 1852. The Carp River Post Office and the Worchester Post Office were in direct competetion at the same time.” – Paul Petosky

Photos copyright 2003 John Vacilek, Negaunee, MI