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Mississippi New Deal Art

Post Office Artwork in Mississippi – Most of the Post Office works of art were funded through commissions under the Treasury Department’s Section of Painting and Sculpture (later known as The Section of Fine Arts) and not the WPA.

“Often mistaken for WPA art, post office murals were actually executed by artists working for the Section of Fine Arts. Commonly known as “the Section,” it was established in 1934 and administered by the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department. Headed by Edward Bruce, a former lawyer, businessman, and artist, the Section’s main function was to select art of high quality to decorate public buildings if the funding was available. By providing decoration in public buildings, the art was made accessible to all people.” from “Articles from EnRoute : Off The Wall: New Deal Post Office Murals” by Patricia Raynor

Unless indicated, works of art are located in the US Post Office building.

Location Artist Title Date Medium
Amory John McCrady “Amory in 1889″ 1939 oil on canvas
Batesville Eve Kottgen “Cotton Plantation” 1942 oil on canvas
Bay Saint Louis Louis Raynaud “Life on the Coast” 1938 oil on canvas
Booneville Stefan Hirsch “Scenic and Historic Booneville” 1943 oil on canvas
Carthage Peter Dalton “Lumbermen Rolling a Log” 1941 wood relief
Columbus Beulah Bettersworth “Out of the Soil” 1940 oil on canvas
Crystal Springs Henry La Cagnina “Harvest” 1943 oil on canvas
Durant Isidore Toberoff “Erosion, Reclamation, and Conservation of the Soil” 1942 oil on canvas
Eupora Tom Savage “Cotton Farm” 1945 oil on canvas
Forest Julien Binford “Forest Loggers” 1941 mural
Hazelhurst Auriel Bessemer “Life in the Mississippi Cotton Belt” 1939 oil on canvas
Houston Byron Burford, Jr. “Posst near Houston, Natchez Trace, 1803″ 1941 oil on canvas
Indianola Beulah Bettersworth “White Gold in the Delta” 1939 oil on canvas (destroyed)
Post Office and Courthouse
Simka Simkhovitch “Pursuits of Life in Mississippi” 1938 mural
Leland Stuart R. Purser “Ginnin’ Cotton” 1940 tempera
Louisville Karl Wolfe “Crossroads” 1938 oil on canvas
Macon S. Douglass Crockwell “Signing of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek” 1944 mural
Magnolia John H. Fyfe “Magnolia in 1880,” “Cotton Harvest,” and “July Fourth Celebration at Sheriff Bacot’s” 1939 oil on canvas
New Albany Robert C. Purdy “Milking Time” 1939 oil on canvas
Newton Mary and Frank Boggs “Economic Life in Newton in Early 40′s” 1942 oil on canvas
Okolona Harold G. Egan “The Richness of the Soil” 1939 mural
Pascagoula Lorin Thompson “Legend of the Singing River” 1939 oil on canvas
(parts of mural returned to PO as easel paintings)
Picayune Donald H. Robertson “Lumber Region of Mississippi” 1940 mural
(painted over)*
Pontotoc Joseph Pollet “The Wedding of Ortez and Sa-Owana – Christmas 1540″ 1939 oil on canvas
Ripley George Aarons “Development of the Postal Service” 1939 three cast stone reliefs
Tylertown Lucile Blanch “Rural Mississippi – From Early Days to Present” 1941 tempera
Post Office and Courthouse
Amiard Oberteuffer “Vicksburg – Its Character and Industries” 1939 oil on canvas
Waynesboro Ross E. Braught “Waynesboro Landscape” 1942 oil on canvas

All mural images depicted on this site are used with permission of the United States Postal Service. All rights reserved.

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