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Missouri New Deal Art

Post Office Artwork and WPA Art in Missouri- Most of the Post Office works of art were funded through commissions under the Treasury Department’s Section of Painting and Sculpture (later known as The Section of Fine Arts) and not the WPA.

“Often mistaken for WPA art, post office murals were actually executed by artists working for the Section of Fine Arts. Commonly known as “the Section,” it was established in 1934 and administered by the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department. Headed by Edward Bruce, a former lawyer, businessman, and artist, the Section’s main function was to select art of high quality to decorate public buildings if the funding was available. By providing decoration in public buildings, the art was made accessible to all people.” from “Articles from EnRoute : Off The Wall: New Deal Post Office Murals” by Patricia Raynor

Unless indicated, works of art are located in the US Post Office building.

Location Artist Title Date Medium
Bethany Joseph P. Vorst “Time Out” 1942 oil on canvas
Canton Jessie Hull Mayer “Winter Landscape” 1940 mural
Cassville Edward Winter “Flora & Fauna of the Region” 1941 porcelain enamel murals
Charleston Joe Jones “Harvest” 1939 oil on canvas
Clinton H. Louis Freund “Wheat Farming & Chicken
1936 mural
(funded by TRAP)
Clinton Richard Haines “Coon Hunt” 1942 oil on canvas
Columbia Edward Buk Ulreich “Pony Express” & “Stage Coach” 1937 oil on canvas (removed)
Dexter Joe Jones “Husking Corn” 1941 oil on canvas
Eldon Frederick Shane “Picnic, Lake of the Ozarks” 1941 mural
Fredericktown James B. Turnbull “The Lead Belt” 1939 oil on canvas
Higginsville Jac T. Bowen “Industrial Activity of the City” 1942 tempera
Jackson James B. Turnbull “Loading Cattle” 1940 oil on canvas
Jefferson City Capitol Building
(funded by Missouri Legislature)
Thomas Hart Benton History of Missouri 1936 egg tempera
on canvas
La Plata Emma Lou Davis “Missouri Livestock” 1939 wood relief
Lee’s Summit Ted Gilien “Pastoral” 1940 oil on canvas (moved to Mayor’s office)
Maplewood Carl C. Mose “Family Group” 1942 wood relief
Marceline Joseph Meert “Contemporary Life in Missouri” 1938 tempera
Monett James McCreery “Products of Missouri” 1939 oil on canvas
Mount Vernon Joseph Meert “Spring Pastoral” 1940 oil on canvas
Palmyra James Penney “Memories of Marion County” 1942 oil on canvas
Paris Fred G. Carpenter “The Clemens Family Arrives in Monroe County” 1940 oil on canvas
Pleasant Hill Tom Lea “Back Home:
April 1865″
1939 oil on canvas
Saint Genevieve Martyl Schweig “La Gui-Annee” 1942 oil on canvas
Saint Joseph Gustaf Dalstrom “History of the Region – 12 panels” 1941 mural
Saint Louis Edward Millman cycle on history of region 1942 mural
Saint Louis Mitchell Siporin cycle on history of region 1942 fresco
Saint Louis, Clayton Branch Dan Rhodes “The Wheelwright” 1942 mural (moved to Des Moines, IA)
Saint Louis, University City Branch Trew Hocker “The Louisiana Purchase Exposition” 1940 fresco
Saint Louis, Wellston Public School Lumen Martin Winter “Old Levee and Market at St. Louis” 1939 oil on canvas
Sullivan Lawrence Adams “Saturday Afternoon on Main Street” 1942 oil on canvas
Union James Penney “Aspects of Rural Missouri” 1941 fresco
Vandalia Joseph P. Vorst “Corn Harvest” 1939 oil on canvas
Windsor H. Louis Freund “Agriculture & Varied Industries” 1938 mural

All mural images depicted on this site are used with permission of the United States Postal Service. All rights reserved.

View the Jefferson City Capitol murals done by Thomas Hart Benton!

St. Louis, MO - WPA Sculptures – “Courage, Vision, Sacrifice, Loyalty” (1939) by Walker Hancock (born: St. Louis, Missouri; 1901), Medium: Limestone, Dimensions: 13′ H, 7′ W, 5′ D (approx. each), Location: Memorial Plaza (Market and 13th Street) and “Law and Order” (west), “Equal Justice” (east) (1935) by Benjamin Hawkins (born: St. Louis, Missouri; 1896), Medium: Indiana limestone, Dimensions: 18′ H, 7’7″ W, Location: Customs House (Tucker and Market)