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Noyes Elementary School

Noyes Elementary School 927 Noyes Street Evanston, Illinois originally was a two-room log cabin built by private subscription in 1845. It was replaced in 1892 by the present building (designed by Daniel Burnham) at 927 Noyes Street. The school was named for Professor Henry S. Noyes who was acting president at Northwestern University from 1860 to 1869. In 1892, the first addition was built onto the original Noyes building. Another addition was built in 1949. Noyes School was closed in 1976 due to decreasing student enrollment. It was reopened in 1977 as the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, a community venture committed to providing local artists with work and exhibition space.

Carl Scheffler created several murals for Noyes Elementary School under the New Deal art programs. As of this date, the status of his work is unknown.