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James Scales Watrous – PWAP Artist

James S. Watrous was born August 3, 1908 in Winfield, KS; died on May 25, 1999 in Madison, WI. He trained at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received his Ph.D. in 1939. He joined the UW Art History Department faculty in 1939 where he worked taught until his retirement in 1976. His work includes the twelve mural panels in the Paul Bunyan Room of the University of Wisconsin-Student Union, Madison, WI as well as the Federal Building and Post Office in Park Falls, WI and the Post Office in Grand Rapids, MI. He was the author of several books on the history of prints and drawings, including The Craft of Old Master Drawings (1957) and A Century of American Printmaking: 1880-1980 (1984).