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New Deal/W.P.A. Artist Biographies

States would frequently “borrow” another state’s artists. The State List of Artists contains people who did work in a particular state but who might have been registered in another state.

There is now a biography research page with a list of resources for researching artist biographies available. You can also request copies of deceased Federal employee work records.

Artists who worked in the W.P.A. Federal Art Program were registered in a specific state. If your artist was registered in Illinois, check out the Illinois New Deal Registration list provided by the Illinois State Museum. Also, for biographical information on and images by Illinois artists please visit:




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Artist Biographies:


Berenice Abbott
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Christine Jeanette Abel
Born November 21, 1890 in Maxwell, CA.

Ida York Abelman
Born February 12, 1910 in New York, NY. Studied Grand Central Art School, New York; National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York; City College of the City of New York; Hunter College, New York; with Joe Miller (lithographer). Member: American Artists Congress. Federal Arts Projects: 1/24/34-3/31/34 CWA; 4/1/34-6/11/35 CWA; 2/12/36-7/27/39 WPA/FAP New York. Total recorded FAP print production: 23. After 1938, Abelman also worked in color lithography for the New York WPA/FAP. Exhibited Federation Art Gallery, New York, 1938; 48 Sts Competition; Whitney Museum; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Philadelphia Art Alliance; Bershire Museum. FA (40) WWW/85 & FAP:AP1930s (Ms. Abelman died on December 30, 2002 in Sag Harbor, NY obituary). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Gertrude Abercrombie
Born February 17, 1909, Austin, TX; lived in Chicago, IL; died July 1977. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Stanley Abstetar
Born November 10, 1916 in Sheboygan, WI; died July 1983 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Albert Abramovitz
Born January 24, 1879 in Riga, Latvia; died 1967. Worked on the New York City Federal Art Project from 1935 to 1939. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jose Aceves
Born December 22, 1909 in Chihuahua, Mexico; died August 13, 1968 in El Paso TX.

Bertrand R. Adams
Born November 29, 1907 in Webster City, IA.

Kenneth Miller Adams
Born August 6, 1897 in Topeka, KS.

Lawrence Adams
Born December 20, 1905 in Charlotte, NC.

Walter Burt Adams
Born in Kenosha, WI, July 6, 1903. Died 1990 in Belen, New Mexico. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago (graduated 1931); William Owen, Jr.; Elmer A. Forsberg; George Oberteuffer. Member: North Shore AL. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1930-46; PAFA, 1936-38; Evanston Women’s Club, 1932-46. Author: Infinite Dynamics (1950). Work: Evanston High School and Nichols School, Evanston, IL. (Walter Burt Adams page; b/w photo of one of Adams’ WPA paintings from the 1973 Walter Burt Adams exhibit, “Evanston Yesterday and Today”; “Evanston Through the Eyes of an Artist: Forty Years of Evanston Paintings by Walter Burt Adams,” exhibit through the Evanston Public Library and Evanston Historical Society). Steve Denenberg, producer of “Paint the Town”, a video documentary on Walter Burt Adams.)

Jaine Ahring
Did “Alice in Wonderland” and “Mother Goose” (oil on canvas) murals for the Newport Beach Grammar School in 1937.

Abraham Ajay
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Dewey Albinson
He was born on March 9, 1898 and studied at the Minneapolis School of Art, as well as in Paris and Italy. He worked for the WPA in Minnesota. (Excerpt from that same interview as it relates to his experience with Mrs. Increase Robinson, Illinois State Director of the FAP.)

Ivan Le Lorraine Albright
Born February 20, 1897 in Chicago, IL; died November 1983, Woodstock, VT. He studied at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. He was the twin of Malvin Albright and the son of Adam Emory Albright. Union Club bio

Malvin Marr Albright (see Zsissly)
Born February 20, 1897 in Chicago, IL; died September 1983 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Union Club bio

Conrad Alfred Albrizio
Born October 20, 1894 in New York, NY; died January 1973 in Baton Rouge, LA.

Humbert Albrizio
Born December 11, 1901 in New York, NY; died May 1970 in San Diego, CA.

Maxine Albro
Born in Iowa January 20, 1903; died in Los Angeles, CA on July 19, 1966.

Robert Allaway

Arthur Forbes Ame
Born in Tamaroa, IL on May 19, 1906; died April 15, 1975 in Los Angeles. He and Jean Goodwin (his fiancee at the time) did the mosaic murals on the patio of the Newport Beach, CA High School. He and Goodwin were married in 1940. During the 1950s, Ames taught at the Otis Art Institute.

Harold Anchel
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Anne Anderson
Born December 2, 1896 in Elgin, IL; died sometime after 1940. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Carlos Anderson
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Walter Inglis Anderson
Born in September 29, 1903 in New Orleans. In the 1930s, he worked on regional Works Progress Administration mural projects and began to view his role in art as a muralist. It was in the late 1930s that Anderson first succumbed to mental illness. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent three years in and out of hospitals. Died at the age of 62 in a New Orleans hospital of lung cancer. (Walter Inglis Anderson Museum page).

Carlos Andreson
Born May 1, 1904 in Midvale, UT; died July 1978 in Salt Lake City, UT. He worked as a painter for the WPA in Utah and also taught art at the Utah Arts Center (WPA). His non-WPA work included commissions for the US Navy (biography).

Emil Armin
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Victor Arnautoff
Victor Mikhail Arnautoff was born in the Ukraine, Russia on November 11, 1896. He served as a Cavalry officer in Czar Nicholas II’s army, received the Cross of the Order of St. George for valor, and escaped to Manchuria to avoid the Bolshevik Revolution. He immigrated to the US in 1925. Arnautoff was a product of the California School of Fine Arts. He learned fresco painting from Ray Boynton, then went to Mexico to study fresco under Diego Rivera. Once in San Francisco, Arnautoff was appointed technical director of the Coit Tower fresco mural, a project completed in late 1934. He was a major contributor to the Coit Tower murals. In December 1934, Arnautoff was appointed to do a fresco for the east wall of the Presidio Chapel under the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA). In 1979 Arnautoff died after he returned to Leningrad to work on a mural. (source: Presidio of San Francisco handout)

Darrel Austin
Born June 25, 1907 in Raymond, WA; died August 16, 1994 in New Fairfield, CT. Austin moved to Portland at age 2. In 1927 began his art career as a commercial artist, but by the 1930s had started work on several mural projects around Oregon. As a WPA artist, he painted the Fish Story Mural at the Tongue Point Naval Station in Astoria. He also produced eight paintings for the WPA, including four still shown at the Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. (biography contributed by Brian Dines). Additional bio at


Paul G. Babcock
Born July 15, 1905; died February 1976 in Glendora, CA.

Richard Fayerweather Babcock
Born June 4, 1887 in Denmark, IA; died on February 23, 1954 in Evanston, IL. (obituary from Evanston Review)

Frances S. Badger
Born August 22, 1904; died November 11, 1997. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago 1933-37, 1939. Worked for the F.A.P. in Illinois: murals four based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”; two landscapes Girls’ Dining Hall, Audy Home, Chicago, IL; and A Century of Progress (1933). She taught at Roycemore School, Evanston, IL from 1925-1929 and 1938-1948, where she had been a student from Grade VI through Upper School. obituary

Ernest Hamlin Baker
Born May 5, 1889 in Rhode Island; died on November 17, 1975, in Norton, MA. A self-taught illustrator, Baker worked for 17 years as an illustrator for “Time” magazine as well as one of the primary artist and designer for the Christmas Seals stamps and cards. Baker created the controversial 1939 mural entitled, “Activities of the Narragansett Planters” which was located in the Wakefield Post Office, 238 Robinson Street, South Kingstown, Rhode Island until the Wakefield Post Office was closed in 1999. This mural was restored and then moved in June 2003 to the Pettaquamscutt Historical Society (the Old Washington County Jail), 2636 Kingstown Road in the Old Washington County Jail across from the University of Rhode Island’s main campus. “Baker’s mural depicts the slave-dependent economy that characterized South County – uniquely in New England – in the early and mid-18th century.” from South County Independent, June 5, 2003. The mural is on view during the Society’s regular hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 1 to 4 p.m. Call 783-1328 for more information.

Leah Balsham
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Patrocino Barela
Registered NM WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Will Barnet
Born May 25, 1911 in Beverly, MA. An important WPA printmaker who joined the New York City Federal Art Project in 1936. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Ivan Bartlett
Born February 3, 1908 in Plainfield, VT; died in Andover, Massachusetts in July 1976. His New Deal artwork included the Ada County Courthouse, Boise, ID; Library of Congress; the Los Angeles County Fair; Washington Irving Jr. High School, LA, CA; Long Beach High School (CA); Huntington Park, CA USPO; and Redondo Beach, CA USPO. (artist links)

Fred G. Becker
Born 1913. Worked for the New York City Federal Art Project. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Marvin Beerbohm
Born July 24, 1909 in Toronto, Canada.

David Bekker
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Rolf Beman
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Rainey Bennett
Rainey Bennett was born in Marion, IN on July 26, 1907; died December 11, 1998 in Chicago, IL. Studied Chicago, Ph.B, 30; Art Institute Chicago; American Academy of Art; Art Students League; George Grosz-Maurice Sterne School. Work: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York; Cranbrook Museum; Art Institute Chicago, many private collections. Commissions: mural post office, Dearborn, MI, 37; Rushville, IL, 38; and Naperville, IL, 41; 13 panel mural, Neil House, Columbus, OH, 39; watercolors, commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller, Standard Oil Co., St. Louis Art Museum, 39 & 41; oil painting, Chicago & Nwestern Railroad Exec Office, 62; Exhibits: Downtown Gallery, New York; Art Institute, Chicago; Cleveland Museum; Toledo Museum; Whitney Museum; Fairweather Hardin Gallery, Chicago. Position: Supervisor, Federal Art Project, Chicago 35-38. Awards: Oppenheimer Purchase Prize, Chicago, 60. Member: Arts Club, Chicago. WWW/85

Vera Berdich (sometimes Berdick)
Born 1915 in Chicago, IL; died 2003 in Chicago, IL. WPA printmaker who trained at Hull House during the Depression. (Sun Times obituary). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Aaron Berkman
Born 1900 in Hartford, Connecticut; died 1991 in New York City (biography)

Bernice Berkman
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jane Clara Berlandina
French-born (March 15, 1898) painter; moved to San Francisco after her 1931 marriage to Henry Howard; was one of the Coit Tower artists; died in 1970.

Saul Berman
Born April 18, 1899 in Russia. Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Oscar Edmund Berninghaus
Born October 2, 1874 in St. Louis, MO.

Henry Bernstein
Born April 1, 1912, Detroit, MI. Studied: Society Art Club, Detroit, with John Carroll. Exhibited: Rockefeller Center, 1936; Art Institute of Chicago, 1937; Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1940, 1943; Detroit Institute A, 1930-44. Work: murals, USPO, East Lansing, MI; Mt. Sterling, IL (47)WWW/85 - Biography by his son, Art Bernstein.

Frank Besedick
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Auriel Bessemer
Born February 27, 1909 in Grand Rapids, MI; February 1986 in Merced, CA.

Florence Bessom
Born November 30, 1905.

Nellie G. Best
Born May 22, 1906 in Sterling, WA.

Jolan G. Bettelheim
Registered OH WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Beulah R. Bettersworth
Born August 22, 1894 in St. Louis, MO.

Irene Bianucci (Mrs. I. B. Soravia)
Born December 16, 1903 in Lucca, Italy; died November 20, 1988 in Encinitas, CA.

Leon Bibel
He worked in the New York City Federal Art Project of the WPA.

Edward Biberman
Born October 23, 1904 in Philadelphia, PA; died January 1986 in Los Angeles, CA.

George Biddle
Born January 24, 1885 in Philadelphia, PA; died 1973 in Croton-On-Hudson, NY.

Morton Birkin
Born April 27, 1919 in Philadelphia, PA; died December 1984 in Fair Lawn, NJ. Studied at the Philadephia Museum College of Art, followed by studies under Angelo Pinto at the Barnes Foundation, Merian, PA. Contemporary American Arts Exhibition in the 1939 New York World’s Fair (“Cotton Pickers” tempera). Worked on the Pennsylvania Art Project FAP and produced works that included: the mural for the recreation room at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Fort Meade, MD; the mural “Juarez and Lincoln” in the Navy Department Building, Mexican Government, Mexico City, Mexico; mural for the Zoological Gardens, Philadelphia, PA; gouache “At the Beach” for the Philadelphia Museum of Art (FAP purchase); and drawing “Figure” for the Free Library of Philadelphia (FAP purchase). Information provided by David Birkin, son of the artist. (biography website)

Arnold Blanch
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

John Vincent Bloom
Born March 27, 1906 in DeWitt, IA.

Acee Blue Eagle
Born 1907; died 1959; “Acee Blue Eagle was a Pawnee-Creek artist, teacher, and celebrity. Born Alex C. McIntosh near Anadarko, Oklahoma, Blue Eagle joined the Work Projects Administration (WPA) Public Works of Art Project in 1934, painting murals in public buildings. In 1935 at Oxford University, he participated in a program of the International Federation of Education and lectured on Indian art. A tour of Europe followed. He taught at Bacone Indian College in 1935-1938, the University of Kansas extension division in 1949, and Oklahoma State Technical College beginning in 1956. During World War II, he served in the United States Army Air Force; and, following the war, he spent a few years attempting to get into the movies. During 1946-1952, he married to a Balinese dancer, Devi Dja, and became involved in her career, an involvement briefly reflected his art. During the 1950s, he had a television show for children on a Tulsa-Muskogee station.” The above biography is from The Smithsonian Museum

Aaron Bohrod
Born November 21, 1907, Chicago, IL. Died April 3, 1992. Studied: Crane College, Chicago; Art Institute of Chicago; Art Students League; John Sloan; Boardman Robinson; K.H. Miller; Charles Locke; Richard Lahey; Todros Geller. Member: F., Guggenheim Fnd. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1933-35 (prizes), 1937 (prize), 1945 (prize); Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco, 1939 (prize); Carnegie Institute, 1939 (prize); Calif WCS, 1940 (prize); Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1942 (prize); Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1943 (prize). Work: Metropolitan Museum of Art; Whitney Museum of American Art; Art Institute of Chicago; BM; Baltimore Museum of Art; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Corcoran Gallery of Art; Sope Gal A; Walker A. Center; Butler Al; Telfair Acad A; Cranbrook Acad A; murals, USPOs, Vandalia, Clinton, Galesburg, IL. Position: A; War Correspondent (European Theater Operations), Life 1943-45. (47)WWW/85. Union Club bio, Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Clarence Bolton
Born September 16, 1893 in Wallingford, CT; died 1962.

Harry Bonath
Born May 29, 1903 in Bucyrus, OH; died November 2, 1976 in Seattle, WA. biography

Raymond Breinin
Born November 30, 1909 in Vitebsk, Russia; died April 4, 2000 in the White Plains Hospital in Westchester, N.Y., after suffering an aortic aneurysm. As a young man, Breinin studied under the painter Uri Penn and later, at the Vitebsk Academy of Art. His family emigrated to Rochelle, IL where they lived for one year before moving to Chicago, IL. He attended public school until economic circumstances forced him to see employment at various jobs including commercial lithography, theatre poster painting, and running a hotel elevator. He continued his art studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. He was commissioned by the Section of Fine Arts of the Public Buildings Administration to paint a mural for the USPO at Wilmette, IL. He had a one-man exhibition in New York at the Downtown Gallery in 1939. His works are in the Fogg Museum of Art; Cambridge, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the San Francisco Museum of Art and the Zanesville, OH Art Institute. Studied: Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; Uri Penn; Academy of Art, Vitebsk. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago 1940 (prize); AV (prize). Work: MMA; MOMA; MPG; AIC; SFMA; Zanesville, OH Art Institute; USPO Wilmette, IL. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Henri Brenner

Louis Breslaw
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Lester D. Bridaham
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Edgar Britton
Born April 15, 1901, Kearney, NE. Died April 1982. Place of residence at time of death: Denver, CO. Studied: University Iowa; University Kansas; Karl Mattern; Albert Bloch. Member: Art University, Chicago; Chicago So Artists Exhibited: Denver Art Museum, 1943, 1944 (prize), 1945; Pasadena Al, 1946 (prize); Colo Springs Fine Arts Center 1945, 1946 (prize); University of Nebraska 1945. Work: Art Institute of Chicago; Denver Art Museum; Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; Pasadena Al; University of Nebraska; USPOs, East Moline, Decatur, IL; Waterloo, IA Public Library; Dept. Interior Bldg, Washington, D.C. Lectures: Fresco painting. Position instructor: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center *(47) WWW/85. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Fritzi Brod
Born June 16, 1900 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She was the author of “200 Motifs and Designs” (1945) and “Flowers in Nature and Design” (1946). She died December 19, 1952 in Chicago, IL.(biography at Oakton Community College). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

George Brodsky
Born April 15, 1901 in Russia; died November 8, 1999 in Flushing, NY. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1903. Brodsky worked as a printer from 1939 to 1965.

Manuel Bromberg
Born in Centerville, Iowa in 1917. After studying at The Cleveland School of Art and The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center under Boardman Robinson, he painted murals for the Works Progress Administration (including the Post Office mural in Geneva, IL). He entered the Army in April 1942 and was appointed to the War Artists Unit a year later. He painted, sketched, and drew the war throughout the European Theater and was part of the invasion of Normandy at Omaha Beach. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for creating an extraordinarily fine graphic record of the war and his work was published in many magazines and newspapers, including LIFE and The New York Times. After being discharged from the Army as a Master Sergeant in 1945, Bromberg won a Guggenheim Fellowship in Creative Painting and became a professor at North Carolina State University’s School of Design.

Helen Bronson
Born March 10, 1900 in Cincinnati, OH.

Alexander Brook
Born July 14, 1898 in New York, NY.

James Brooks
Born 1906 in St. Louis, MO.

Richard (Ricard) Brooks
Born July 6, 1894 in Haverhill, MA.

Elmer W. Brown
Born in 1901; died in 1971. African-American artist who crated prints, murals, paintings, and sculptures for the Cleveland Federal Art Project. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA)biography

Ethel Crouch Brown (Mrs. J. D.)
Born August 12, 1890, Philadelphia, PA. Studied: AIC, with E. Giesbert, Increase Robinson. Member: Chicago AC; Chicago SA; Chicago Assn. P.&S.; Chicago Women A. Salon. Exhibited: South Side Community Art Center, 1928-46; PAFA, 1933; AIC, 1932; Michigan Art Exhibit, 1935, 1937. Work: Culver Military Academy. Position: Teacher, Hyde Park Art Center, 1941-46. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 81)

Francis Clark Brown
Born August 7, 1908, New Sharon, IA. Studied: C. Wheeler; O. Richey; John Herron Inst. A. Sch. Member: Ind. AC; AAPL. Exhibitied: Indiana State Fair, 1934 (prize), 1939 (prize); Richmond P. Exh., 1934 (prize); Anderson AS, 1936 (prize). Work: murals, Hamilton County Courthouse, Public Library, Noblesville, IN. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 81)

Samuel Joseph Brown
Born April 16, 1907 in Wilmington, NC; died in 1994. Worked on the Easel Division of the Philadelphia Federal Art Project from 1935 to 1938, then taught art in Philadelphia public schools until 1971. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered PA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jaroslav Brozik
Born November 29, 1904 in Pizen, Czechoslovakia.

George Randall Brubaker
Born 1908 in Kansas; died May 1977.

Edward Bruce
Born 1879 in Dover Plains, NY. Died January 26, 1943 in Hollywood, FL. Member: ANA, 1935; Nat. Inst. A & L. Exhibited: Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, 1929. Work: Luxembourg Gallery, Paris; Phillips Memorial Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Honolulu Academy of Fine Arts. Position: Chief, Section of Fine Arts, WPA (1940) (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 84)

(Anne) Esther Bruton
Born October 17, 1896 in Alameda, CA; died August 31, 1992 in Monterey, CA. Married name: Esther Bruton Gilman.

Helen Bell Bruton
Born February 7, 1898 in Alameda, CA; died November 16, 1985, Monterey, CA.

Margaret Bell Bruton
Born: February 20, 1894 in Brooklyn, NY; died August 29, 1983 in Monterey, CA. Pupil of California School of FA; ASL of NY. Awards: First prizes, Los Angeles, 1924, Santa Cruz, 1925, Oakland, 1934; Anne Bremer purchase prize, San Francisco AA, 1936; second prize, San Francisco Society of Women Artists, 1936. (source: Who’s Who in American Art, Vol. II, 1938-39, p. 81)

Beniamino Bufano
Born on October 14, 1898 in San-Fele, Italy; immigrated in 1901 to US with his family; taught at the San Francisco Institute of Art until 1923 when he was fired for being “too modern”; died in San Francisco August 16, 1970.

Louis Demott Bunce
Born on August 13, 1907; died June 1983 in Portland, OR. Bunce moved to Portland, Oregon, in 1913 with his parents. After graduating from high school, he attended the Museum Art School and the Art Students League in New York, where he became friends with Jackson Pollack, among others. In 1939, he worked for the WPA Easel Project in New York and later at the Salem WPA center as an instructor and director. Exhibited: Northwest Artists at Seattle Art Museum in 1934; San Francisco Museum of Art in 1935; 1939 World’s Fair in New York; Various Federal Buildings in 1936. Collections: United States Post Office in Grant’s Pass, Oregon; Section Fine Arts Federal Works Agency in 1940. (biography contributed by Brian Dines). Additional bio

William Edward Lewis Bunn
Born May 29, 1910 in Muscatine, IA. Bunn did the murals in the Minden, NE Post Office (“Military Post on the Overland Trail” 1939), the Hamburg, IA Post Office (“Peony Festival at Hamburg” 1941), Hickman, KY Post Office (“Mississippi Packets” 1940), and the Dubuque, IA Post Office (“Early Mississippi Steamboats” (1936-1937). He studied under Grant Wood.

David Burke
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Margaret Burroughs
One of the founders of the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, IL (Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art)

Peter Busa
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jerry Bywaters
Born May 21, 1906 in Paris, TX


Paul Cadmus
Born December 17, 1904. Studied: Joseph Pennell; William Auerbach-Levy; Charles Locke; Jared French; NAD; ASL. Member: SAE; American Society PS & G; American Art Congress; Philadelphia SE. Exhibited: WMAA, 1934, 1936-38, 1940, 1941, 1945; BM, 1935; AIC, 1935, 1945 (prize); London, 1938; SAE, 1938, GGE, 1939; PAFA, 1941; Carnegie Institute, 1944, 1945; MOMA, 1942, 1943, 1944. Work: MOMA; Sweet Briar College; American Embassy, Ottawa, Canada; Encyclopedia Britannica College; WMAA; AGAA; Cranbrook Academy of Art; MMA; LOC; AIC; BMA; NYPL; SAM; Milwaukee AI; mural, Parcel Post Building, Richmond, VA (1947). (source: Who Was Who in American Art) (biography and obituary).(“The Fleet’s In” Currently displayed at the Department of the Navy , Naval Historical Center. This WPA painting created quite a controversy when it was first presented. Some people apparently thought that it portrayed the Navy in a negative light – carousing with “loose women” and obviously having a wild time while on shore leave.)

Holger Cahill
Born (christened Sveinn Kristjan Bjarnarson) in 1887, Skogarstrond, Iceland; died 1960 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Served as the National Director of the Federal Art Project (1935-1943).(NY Public Library biography)

Rockwell W. Carey
Born November 20, 1882 in Salem, OR; died in1954. Carey was a largely self-taught painter, though he attended the Museum Art School in Portland. He participated in the US Treasury’s Public Works of Art program before the WPA and produced a mural, “Early Mail Carries of the West,” for the Newberg Post Office. (biography contributed by Brian Dines).

Walter Antonius Carnelli
Born 1905 in Graz, Austria; died in 1959. He arrived in New York, NY on February 7, 1935 on the ship S. S. Bremen from Cherbourg, France.

Samuel Cashwan
Born December 26, 1900 in Cherkassi, Russia; died August 10, 1988 in Raleigh, NC. Besides producing a number of WPA works in Michigan, Cashwan was the head of the WPA sculpture section in Michigan. Cashwan was a multi-faceted individual; besides being a sculptor and an administrator, “he was a stylist for General Motors and worked under Harley Earl, the star of the new Buick Ads. My father and he were very close friends.” – contributed by Daniel, Michigan. (bio page)

Victor Daniel Chalela Mantilla

Gustavo Cenci
Born January 27, 1897 in Terni, Umbria, Italy; died January 25, 1982 in Cairo, NY. (Biography)

Abram August Champanier (Shampanier)
Born on January 4, 1899 in Wysokie Mazowickie, Lomza, Poland; died on July 12, 1960. He emigrated to the United States, where he became a naturalized citizen in 1914. Known for his WPA murals at the Gouverneur Hospital Children’s Ward, New York.

Dane Chanase
Born October 21, 1894 (date in question) in Palermo, Italy; died July 15, 1975 in Brooklyn, NY (Biography website)

Ruth Chaney
Born 1908; died in 1973. She was a member of the Artists’ Union and worked for the New York City Federal Art Project from 1936 to 1942. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jean Charlot
Born February 7, 1898 in Paris, France; died March 1979 in Honolulu, HI. Spent his childhood in France and served as an artillery officer in the French Army in WWI. After the war, Charlot moved to Mexico (home of his Aztec ancestors) where he co-authored a book on archaeology, “The Temple of the Warriors” (1931). By 1939, Charlot had become a citizen of the US. During the New Deal he won the commission to do a mural for the McDonough, GA Post Office. His work includes the frescoes in the University of Georgia-Athens Journalism and Fine Arts Buildings (1942-1944). chronology

David B. Cheskin
Check out some of Cheskin’s artwork, Washington Island, Wisconsin.

Louis Cheskin
Born February 17, 1907 in Russia.

Ralph Chesse
Born January 6, 1900 in New Orleans, LA. Chesse was one of the artists who created the frescoes in Coit Tower, San Francisco, CA under the funding of the PWAP.

Paul Chidlaw
Born April 5, 1900 in Cleves, OH.

Charles Child
Born 1902 in Montclair, NJ. He was the illustrator of “A Book of Americans,” (1934).

Nathaniel Choate
Born December 26, 1899 in Southboro, MA; died August 21, 1965.

Michael Chomyk

Fay (Faye) Chong
Born in 1912, China; died in 1973. Immigrated to the US in 1920, he studied at the University of Washington, then returned to China from 1933 to 1935 to study calligraphy. He worked on the Seattle Federal Art Project from 1938 to 1942, then taught watercolor in high schools and community colleges in Seattle. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered WA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Grant Wright Christian
Born July 17, 1911 in Edinburg, IN.

Mary Anderson Clark
Clark worked as a sculptor and instructor in sculpture and ceramics at Syracuse University, N.Y. She also worked for the WPA/FAP in Illinois in the 1930s. Two heroic-sized sculptures done by Clark, “Peace” and “Harvest”, commissioned by the FAP are currently located at the County Courthouse Plaza, Peoria, Illinois. They have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Clark studied at Carnegie Tech, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the British Academy, Rome, Italy. She also took a life class with her uncle, sculptor John Storrs. biography

Eleanor Coen
Born 1916 in Normal, IL. Training: Illinois State University, Normal, IL; School of the Art Institute of Chicago; studied with Boris Anisfield (painting), Francis Chapin (lithography), Max Kahn (lithography). Federal Arts Projects: 1939 – 1940 WPA/FAP Chicago. Total FAP recorded print production: 15. Other professions: painter, teacher (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1950-1958). FAP:AP1930s. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

George Emmanuel Cohen
Born September 15, 1902, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; died April 18, 1999 in Evanston, IL. Came to USA in 1922. Studied; St. John A. Sch., 1910. Position: WPA textile designer; sculptor since 1970. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 121). Cohn taught at Northwestern University until he retired in 1991 and became a professor emeritus of art. He was known as a champion of women artists and challenged the policy of the Art Institute of Chicago that prohibited student participation in exhibitions (from Northwestern News on Campus, Winter 1999).

Max Arthur Cohn
Born February 3, 1904, London, England. Studied: ASL, with Boardman Robinson, John Sloan; Acad. Colarossi, Paris. Member: A. Lg. Am.; Nat. Serigraph Soc. Exhibited: BM, 1939; LOC, 1945; MOMA, 1936, 1941, 1942; Corcoran Gallery; Delphic Studios, New York. Author: “Silk Screen Stenciling as a Fine Art,” 1942. Position: WPA artist. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 122). Biography

Ardath Coldwell
Born September 16, 1913, Portland, OR. Studied: California Sch. FA; University of California; R. Stackpole. Exhibited: San Francisco A. Assn., 1939 (prize); San Francisco MA; State Fair, Sacramento, CA. Position: WPA artist. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 122)

Vernon Herbert Coleman
Born April 28, 1898 in Norwich, CT; died June 6, 1978 in Centerville, MA. One of Coleman’s more famous works, “The Red Jacket,” hangs in the first floor of Barnstable Town Hall. Coleman was the supervisor of art in the Barnstable Public School system for 20 years, retiring in 1964.

Joseph Arthur Coletti
Born November 5, 1898 in San Donato, Italy; died 1973.

Elizabeth Colwell
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

George Constant
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Howard Norton Cook
Born July 16, 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts; died June 1980 in New Mexico. (biography)

Richard V. Correll
Registered WA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Cliffa Corson
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Eldzier Cortor
Born January 10, 1916 in Richmond, VA; prolific African-American artist with many exhibitions. (Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

John E. Costigan
Born February 29, 1888 in Providence, RI; died in 1972. A self-taught artist, he worked on the New York City PWAP from 1933 to 1934. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA)

Miguel Covarrubias
Born 1904 (Mexico City, Mexico); died 1957 (Mexico City, Mexico). One of the six great modern Mexican muralists, he was commissioned to paint eight pictorial murals for Pacific House for the two years of the 1939-40 World’s Fair (Golden Gate International Exposition). The next 16 years these murals were stored in New York, but shipped West again after completion of the World Trade Center, and placed along its ramp where they can still be enjoyed in the Ferry Building. Covarrubias was assisted by Antonio Ruiz in the depicition of the peoples, fauna, flora, economy, art and culture, housing and transportation of the Pacific. A writer and anthropologist as well as an artist, Covarrubias also worked as a theater designer, print maker and teacher. His illustrations appeared in numerous books and magazines including Vanity Fair. He had a special flair for the amusing and satirical as seen in his caricatures, and his perceptiveness is clearly shown in the World Trade Center murals. (source: Golden Gate Ports Association)

Maude Craig
Born as Maude Parmley in 1881, probably in Pope County, Illinois. She received no formal artistic training. Craig also made quilts and woven rugs, and had a definite “eye for color,” in them as well as her naïve paintings for the WPA/FAP.

Dorothy Puccinelli Cravath
Born Dorothy Puccinelli on December 19, 1901 in San Antonio, TX. She was one of the artists who created murals for the Mothers’ House in the San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, CA.

Ruth Cravath (Mrs. Wakefield)
Born January 23, 1902 in Chicago, IL.

Francis Criss
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

(Spencer) Douglass Crockwell
Born April 29, 1904 in Columbus, OH; died in November 1968 in Glens Falls, New York. He studied at Washington University.

Rinaldo Cuneo
Born July 2, 1877 (San Francisco, CA); served three years during the Spanish American War; studied at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art as well as in London and Paris; one of the Coit Tower muralists; died on December 29, 1939.

Patricia Cunningham
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Vincent D’Agostino
Born April 7, 1898 in Chicago, IL. in Chicago, Illinois; died June 27, 1981 in Los Angeles. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and also with George Bellows and Charles Hawthorne. He was active in Chicago, and was a member of the Chicago Society of the Arts and the National Society of Mural Painters. By the 1940s he had settled in Los Angeles where he lived until his death. He was a professor of art at Woodbury College, California from 1949 to 1954. Union Club bio

June Dale
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Gustaf Oscar Dalstrom
Born January 18, 1893 in Gothland, Sweden. Married to Frances Foy. Died May 1971 in Chicago, IL. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; George Bellows, Randall Davey. Member: Chicago Society of Artists; Chicago NJSA; Chicago SE. Exhibited: Scand-Am Exhibit, Chicago, 1929 (prize); Chicago SA (gold); Chicago SE, 1934 (prize). Work: Museum of Modern Art, New York. WPA artist. (40).WWW/85 - biography page

Peter Dalton
Born December 26, 1894 in Buffalo, NY.

Francis Edward Danovich
Born April 25, 1920 in Newark, NJ. Danovich studied at the Michigan Institute of Arts and Crafts (now Cranbrook Art Academy, Bloomfield Hills, MI) resulting in a GGE in 1939. He was known as a watercolorist. Other examples of his work can be found at the University of Texas-Austin and at the Newark Art Museum (NJ) and apparently at the McGregor Public Library (Detroit) (uncertain if still extant). According to the University of Michigan Museum of Art’s Director, James Steward, the mural at the Dental School is the only mural from the WPA represented on the UM-Ann Arbor campus or in the City of Ann Arbor, MI. He states in a letter dated August 27, 1998: “Its whimsical handling of the Paul Bunyan story, the painting’s location in a children’s clinic and its appeal to a youthful audience may well make it unique among existing murals of this period.” Sadly the mural was removed from it’s first floor location and only recovered segments of it are on display now in the Sindecuse Museum’s atrium in the School of Dentistry. It is more remarkable when one realizes the artist was only 19 years old when he was commissioned to do the mural for the school’s waiting room. (information contributed by Shannon O’Dell, Curator, Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry, UM)

Hideo Date
Born in Osaka, Date came to California at the age of 16 and spent his late teens in Fresno and Los Angeles. He worked in the WPA Art Project and taught art. At the time of Pearl Harbor, Date was completing a WPA mural in the Mildred Obar Walizar School in Long Beach, the subject being the Japanese goddess of light. (The mural is now destroyed.) He was issued a pink slip and soon after was sent to Hart Mountain relocation center near Cody, Wyoming for the duration of the war.

A. Mark Datz
Born October 27, 1889 in Russia.

Charles M. Daugherty

James Henry Daugherty
Born June 1, 1889, Asheville, NC; died 1974. Studied: Corcoran Sch A; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Frank Brangwyn. Member: Silvermine Gld A. Exhibited: Silvermine Gld A; Macbeth Gal Work; Yale Museum FA; NYPL; Wilmington Pub Lib; murals, Loew’s Theater, Cleveland, OH. Author/Illustrator: “Andy and the Lion”, 1938, “Daniel Boone”, “Poor Richard,” and others. Illustrator: “Abe Lincoln Grows Up,” by Carl Sandburg, “John Brown’s Body,” by Benet, “Knickerbocker’s History of New York,” by Washington Irving. Contributor: magazines, peridicals. WPA artist. (47) WWW/85 biography

Charles Vincent Davis
Born November 3, 1912 in Evanston, IL.

Emma L. Davis

Fay Elizabeth Davis
Born July 8, 1916, Indianapolis, IN. Studied: John Herron Al. Member: Indiana AC. Exhibited: Ind Art Exhibit, Herron Al, 1938 (prize); Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco, 1939. Work: USPO, Chester, IL. WPA muralist. (40) WWW/85

Hubert Davis
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Lew Davis
Registered AZ WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Stuart Davis
Born December 7, 1892 or 1894 in Philadelphia, PA; died in 1964. He was a founding member and National Chairman of the American Artist’s Congress (1938-1940) and served as president of the Artists’ Union. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Mallette Dean
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Nena De Brennecke
Born May 7, 1888 in Argentina.

Julio De Diego
De Diego was born in Madrid, Spain on May 9, 1900 and died in America August 1979. Considered by many as America’s Miro his works are represented in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; Art Institute of Chicago, the San Francisco Museum of Art and the Phillips Memorial Gallery in Washington, D.C., among others. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joseph De Martini
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Maurice August Del Mue
Born November 24, 1875 in Paris, France; died 1955. In 1934, Maurice Del Mue created a mural in the Lagunitas School as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. This mural still exist today in the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, once the home of Lagunitas School. This outstanding historical mural is 15 feet in length x 7 feet in height and is on permanent display in the Community Center lobby. It is one of five in Marin County created by Del Mue in the 1930′s. Del Mué lived in Marin county from 1941 until his death in 1955. His largest mural, at Tamalpais High School, was recently rediscovered in the basement of the school where it had been in storage for over 30 years. (biography at

Fred De Lorenzo

Robert Delson
Born December 30, 1909 in Chicago, IL.

Donald De Lue
Born October 5, 1900 in Boston, MA.

Jean De Marco
Born May 2, 1898 in Paris, France.

Boris Deutsch
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Maurice Robert Dey
Born May 15, 1899 or 1900 in Ballaigues, Switzerland; died in 1981. Worked on the Federal Art Project in Woodstock, NY from 1937 to 1941. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA)

(Lafayette) Maynard Dixon
Born on Jaunary 24, 1875 on a ranch near Fresno, CA; died November 14, 1948 in Tuscon, AR. He was married to Lillian West Tobey (1905-1917); Dorothea Lange, WPA photographer (1920-1935) and Edith Hamlin, WPA muralist (1937-?). “Maynard Dixon” documentary film

Melisse Holben Dickey
Born January 6, 1896 in Michigan; died March 10, 1963 in San Diego, CA. Early in life she was married briefly to artist Foster Jewell. After their divorce, she married artist Dan Dickey. During the 1930s she was active in San Diego as an employee of the WPA. By the 1940s she had become a registered nurse. ( from “Artists In California 1786-1940” by Edan Milton Hughes).

Stevan Dohanos
Born May 18, 1907.

Isami Doi
Born May 12, 1903 in Ewa, Oahu, HI; died 1965. Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

A. Dojez
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Raphael Doktor
Born June 9, 1902 in Three Rivers, MA.

William Adelbert Dolwick
Born February 19, 1909 in Lakewood, OH.

Elise Donaldson
Born in Elkridge, MD. Studied: Bryn Mawr; Art Institute of Chicago; L. Kroll; Lhote; abroad. Member: Chicago SA; Chicago AC; NAWA; San Diego Art Guild; California WC Society. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1934 (prize); PAFA; Carnegie Institute; SFMA; San Francisco AA, 1943; LOC, 1945; Laguna Beach AA, 1945, 1946; California WC Society, 1944; BM; San Diego Fine Arts Society, 1944 (one man show); La Jolla Art Center. Work: San Diego Fine Arts Society; Central School, Evanston, IL.

Dorsey Doniphan
Born October 9, 1897 in Washington, D.C.

Thomas Donnelly

Curt J. H. Drewes
Exhibited Art Institute of Chicago, 1938. Work: USPO Carlyle & Rock Falls, both in IL; World’s Fair, New York, 1939. WPA artist (40)WWW/85 – The following is from The Depression Era Art Projects in Illinois:
“Sometimes, community members did not like the art that was created for them. The postmaster at Rock Falls reported that Curt Drewes’ sculptures, “Farming by Hand” and “Manufacture of Farm Implements,” were not well-received because they could have been placed in any post office in the Midwest. The citizens of Rock Falls wanted something that related to Rock Falls only, but they did accept it.”

Florian A. Durzynski
Born in Germany on March 2, 1902. He was a registered Illinois artist under the FAP. Eventually he moved to the Los Angeles, CA area where he remained until his death on July 21, 1969. During his last years, he often would paint murals in private homes (photos of murals Durzynski painted in a private Beverly Hills home in 1963).

Mabel Dwight
Born January 29, 1874 or 1875 in Cincinnati, OH; died in 1955. Worked on the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1939. (Art in a Day’s Work: Prints from the WPA). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Briggs Dyer
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Edris Eckhardt
Born in January 28, 1906 in Cleveland, OH. She began working for the Federal Art Project in ceramic sculpture but eventually switched to glass as a medium.

Stuart Edie
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Emmett Edwards
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Ethel Edwards
Born in Opelousa, LA in 1914; died in 1999. Wife of Xavier Gonzales. Both worked as WPA artists. Edwards’ work included “Life on the Lake,” Lake Providence, LA USPO (1942) and “Afternoon on a Texas Ranch,” Lampasas, TX USPO (1940). Family Biography (pdf file 168 kb)

Fritz Eichenberg
Born 1901 in Germany; died 1990. Studied at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Leipzig. He immigrated to the US in 1933, and worked on the FAP from 1935 to 1937 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Richard Vanderford Ellery
“Born on Oct. 22, 1909 in Salem, Massachusetts. He moved with his family to Danvers, Massachusetts in 1915. He attended the Massachusetts College of Fine Arts in Boston (1928-32), later on doing graduate work in murals and portraits at the Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston. At some point, one of his teachers was the painter Philip Little. Ellery signed up to do WPA work in 1935 and painted murals at Danvers Town Hall (with the assistance of his good friend Sol Levenson and another North Shore artist Thomas Baker). Four of his murals still hang in the Danvers Town Hall. The Town donated 9 murals to the Danvers Historic Society, but they are not on display as they are awaiting restoration. In order to support his family and paint, he had a small farm, did carpentry, etc., but the only time he put his brushes down was during the War when he went to work for GE to help the war effort. He died in Maine on May 10, 1993 at age 83.” From: Joanne Conti, October 2003. Source: Danvers Herald News, Aug. 14th, 2003.

Louisa Etcheverry
Born 1911; died 1966.

Harold Faye
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Orr C. Fisher (1885-1974)
(Biography provided by his niece, Donna Howard)

Edmond James Fitzgerald
Born August 19, 1912 in Seattle, WA.

James Fitzgerald
Born March 8, 1899 in Boston, MA; died April 9, 1971 on Aranmore Island. Fitzgerald created two WPA murals currently installed in the Monterey Aquarium, Monterey, CA – “The Net Menders” (1937 – 1938) and “Making the Coastal Highway” (1936 – 1937) .

John Kelly Fitzpatrick
Born August 15, 1888 in Wetumpka, AL.

LeRoy Flint
Registered OH WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Karl Eugene Fortess
Born 1907, Antwerp, Belgium. Naturalized US citizen, 1923. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Earl Fortess
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Gerald Sargent Foster
Born September 30, 1900 in Westfield, NJ.

Frank D. Fousek
Registered OH WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Frances Foy (Mrs. Gustaf Dalstrom)
Born April 11, 1890, Chicago. Married to Gustaf Dalstrom. She attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and later at the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied under Fred Schook, J. Wellington Reynolds and George Bellows. Member: Chicago SE; Chicago SA; Chicago NJSA. Exhibited: Chicago SA, 1929 (gold); Art Institute of Chicago, 1929 (prize), 1931 (prize), 1932 (prize). Work: Chestnut Street Postal Station, Chicago; USPOs East Alton, Gibson City, IL and Dunkirk, IN. WPA artist. (40) WWW/85

LaVern Frank-Rush
She worked for the Sioux City, Iowa WPA.

Marshall Fredericks
Marshall Fredericks was born of Scandinavian stock in Searstown, Illinois (although some accounts place his birthsite as Rock Island, IL), January 31, 1908. His boyhood was spent in Florida and Ohio. He studied at the John Huntington Polytechnic Institute, Cleveland, and later he graduated from the Cleveland School of Art. At the latter school he was awarded three scholarships which enabled him to continue his studies in Europe. He traveled extensively in Europe and North Africa, studying in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, Paris, and Rome. In 1932 he was a student of Carl Milles at Cranbrook, where he later became assistant resident instructor in Sculpture and Ceramics. He has exhibited widely in this country and in Europe, and has received numerous awards. He has work in the possession of the City of Detroit, Michigan, the Cranbrook Museum, and a number of private collections. Mr. Fredericks’ work for the Section of Fine Arts includes a terra cotta relief entitled “The Family” at the Sandwich, IL Post Office and a carved limestone panel for the River Rouge, Michigan Post Office.
(Source: United States Postal Service)

Don Freeman
1908 – 1978. Studed at the Art Students League and worked for the New York City FAP from 1936 to 1937. Illustrator of children’s books - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Burton Freund
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Louis Henry Freund
Born September 16, 1905 in Clinton, Missouri; died December 22, 1999 in Little Rock, AR. He attended Clinton High School and the University of Missouri. Freund also studied art at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts, Washington University, Princeton University and Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. He worked as Artist in Residence at Hendrix College, Conway, AR while he created the Post Office mural in Heber Springs, Arkansas in 1939. Freund was a conscientious objector during World War II and served his military duty painting murals at Camp Robinson and Fort Chaffee to help illiterate soldiers understand the daily schedules. After the service, many of his works depicted the brutality of war. He died in 1999 of pneumonia in his Little Rock, Arkansas home.

Aline Fruhauf
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Rowena Fry
Born in October 22, 1892 in Athens, AL; died November 2, 1990 in Nashville, TN. Fry arrived in Chicago in the late 1920s and there had a career as a painter and screen printer. She had studied art at the Watkins Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Ropp School of Art. She described her paintings as “American Naive” and depicted numerous genre neighborhood scenes of people of the city’s Near North Side. Her style and subject matter, which contrasted with social realistic views of industry and frustrated city dwellers among skyscrapers, placed her among the prevalent American Scene painters of the 1920s and 1930s. Fry’s goal was to paint works that made people feel good and uplifted. During World War II, from 1942 to 1946, she taught art classes at the Great Lakes Naval Station, and also did paintings of students participating in those sessions. Exhibition venues included the Chicago Society of Artists and the Art Institute of Chicago. From 1937 to 1959, she did block-print calendars. Her work is in the collection of Abbott Laboratories.” (source:

John Hamilton Fyfe
Born August 12, 1893 in Gilby, ND; died January 1954 in Memphis, TN.


George Gaethke
Born 1898

Michael J. Gallagher
1895 – 1965. Studed at the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art. He was supervisor of the FAP Graphics Workshop in Philadelphia from 1935 to 1941 and co-inventor of the carborundum mezzotint technique. (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

William Alexander Gaw
“Landscape painter William Alexander Gaw was born in San Francisco, California on November 26, 1891. His father, Hugh Gaw, was also an artist, a watercolorist. With an early interest in art, Gaw enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute as a youth. There he studied under James Martin Griffin, a landscape painter. Gaw exhibited his work in the San Francisco area in 1912 before moving to Berkeley by 1923. He spent the rest of his life there and painted many landscapes inspired by his local surroundings. Later in his career Gaw lectured on the science of color and technique. He was known to have painted using bright colors and experimented in both Cubist and Post-Impressionist art forms. Gaw was also a teacher in the 1930′s at the California School of Fine Art. Later he served as Chairman of the Art department at Mills College in Oakland, California between 1942 and 1957. Throughout his life Gaw actively exhibited at museums and Galleries such as The Corcoran Gallery (1940′s), J.B. Speed Museum of Art (1948), and The California Palace of Legion of Honor in the years; 1932,1945,1946,1949. He died in Berkeley in 1973.” (This biography is from the archives of – for more information on this artist, go to

Todros Geller
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Harrison Gibbs
Baltimore, MD – Dundalk USPS mural

Norval L. Gill
Norval Gill (1914 – ) left the Project in December 1938 to accept a position at Tucson (Arizona) Senior High School teaching art and crafts. On the way to Tucson with his wife, artist Patricia (Waltz), they stopped at the Phoenix Federal Art Project, forming an association with many of the artists in Arizona, particularly, Lew and Mathilde (Schaefer) Davis, Philip Curtis, Lloyd Kiva New, Mark Voris and Andreas “Pete” Anderson. Gill spent the World War II years at Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Modification Center in Tucson as draftsman and technical illustrator. When the war ended he and Erni Cabat with whom he had worked at Consolidated established an art service in Tucson, which soon evolved into Cabat-Gill Advertising Agency. Gill moved to Los Angeles and after several years with various art services, joined Allen L. Grant in establishing Studio G where he functioned as graphic designer until his retirement in the 1970′s. His work includes the stained glass window at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose, CA.

Paul Ludwig Gill
Born 1894; died 1948. Gill created the oil on canvas mural for the Cairo, GA post office entitled “Products of Grady County” installed in 1938. According to his biography page, “Paul Ludwig Gill was born in 1894 and by 1920 had already graduated from Syracuse University, served in the army and nearly died from the complications he experienced as a result of the flu and his treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. He had lost a lung and could not indulge in the activities of the younger men.After serving in the Army, he attended The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where he met his future wife. He married fellow artist, Sue May Gailey Wescott Gill (1887-1989), in 1928. At age 44 and at the peak of his reputation, never more productive and teaching at the Women’s School of Design ,Paul had just completed a mural for a post office in Cairo, Georgia, and he and his wife were preparing for another trip to Mexico. Unfortunately already missing one lung, he was a workaholic and a heavy smoker. Closing up the cottage in Harvey Cedars in preparation for this trip, he went out to the car and never came back. His wife found him dead by the car a short time later.” (

Eugenie Glaman
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Albert Gold
Registered RI WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Xavier Gonzales
Born February 15, 1898 in Almeria, Spain. Studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. New Deal work included: “Tung Oil Industry,” Covington, LA USPO (1939), “Strawberry Farming,” Hammond, LA USPO (1937), “Pioneer Saga,” “Drilling for Oil,” “Music of the Plains, and “Contemporary Youth,” all at the Kilgore, TX USPO (1941), “Scene along the Rio Grande,” Mission, TX USPO (1942), and “Tennessee Valley Authority” panels in the Court House in Huntsville, AL (1937). He also worked as a teacher at Newcomb College. Husband of Ethel Edwards. Family Biography (pdf file 168 kb); “Farewell, Xavier 1898-1993″ article (unknown source) (pdf 408 kb)

Minetta Good
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

A. Goodspeed
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jean Goodwin
Born on November 5, 1903 on an orange ranch near Santa Ana, CA; died on February 13, 1986 in Claremont, CA. Goodwin and Arthur Ames (her fiancee at the time) did the mosaic murals on the patio of the Newport Beach, CA High School. They were married in 1940. Goodwin received an M.A. degree from USC using the money she received for the Newport Beach murals. She was a Professor at Claremont, CA College and served as professor emeritus until her death.

Irean Gordon
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Boris Gorelick
Born 1912 in Russia; died 1984. He immigrated to the US at the age of one. Borelick studed at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design in New York. He was a founding member of the Artists’ Union and worked for the FAP between 1935 and 1941 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Adolph Gottlieb
Born March 14, 1903 in New York, NY; died 1974. In 1919, he left high school and enrolled in Art Students League. In 1921 Gottlieb worked his passage to Europe where he attended classes at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris and traveled to Berlin and Munich. By 1923 he had returned to New York where he finished high school, eventually studying at Parsons School of Design, The Art Students League, Cooper Union and the Educational Alliance Art School. In 1932, Gottlieb married Esther Dick. By 1936, he was employed as an easel painter on the New York Federal Art Project. In 1939, he won the US Treasury mural competition to paint a mural for the post office in Yerrington, Nevada. After the Depression, Gottlieb successfully pursued his interest in modern art. In 1966 his studio and all of its contents were destroyed by fire. He was appointed to the New York City Art Commission in 1967. In spite of a stroke in 1970 which confined him to a wheelchair and paralyzed his left side, Gottlieb continued his painting. He died on March 4, 1974 in New York City. (source: Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, 380 W. Broadway, New York, NY 10012,

Harry Gottlieb
Born 1895 in Russia; died 1992. He immigrated to the US in 1906, studed at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and spent 12 years at the artists’ colony in Woodstock, NY. He worked on the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1940 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Allan Gould
Born June 17, 1908 in New York, NY.

Gladys H. Graf
Born November 30, 1898.

Ralph Graham

Blanche M. Grambs
Born in 1916 in China to American parents; came to the US in 1934. She was the youngest member of the FAP Graphics Project in New York City and was an active printmaker for only six years -(from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

David Milton Granahan
Born July 31, 1909 in Litchfield, MN.

Russell Green
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Samuel M. Green
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Grace Greenwood (Ames)
Born January 15, 1905 in Brooklyn, NY; died 1979. She studied and worked in Mexico and apparently executed a fresco mural for the Museum of Morelia in Michoacan, Mexico. Her Mexican work is referenced in “Poverty, Politics and Artists,” by Garnettt McCoy, Art in American, #53, August-September 1965. Photograph of artist in the WPA Photographic Collection of the Archives of American Art.

Jack J. Greitzer
Born March 18, 1910 in New York, NY.

Paul J. Grellert
Born September 7, 1916 in Bredau, Germany.

(William) Davenport Griffin
Born October 5, 1894, Millbrook, NY. Died: April 1986 in San Rafael, CA. Studied: Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; Art Institute of Chicago; Oberteuffer; J.W. Norton. Exhibited: Carnegie Institute, 1929, 1930, 1933; Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1933; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1930, 1932; Art Institute of Chicago, 1927, 1928, 1929 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1931-34; Whitney Museum of American Art, 1932; Davenport Municipal A Gal, 1946 (one-man); Chicago Gal Assn, 1930 (prize), 1931 (prize); Chicago SA, 1931 (medal); Chicago A Exhibit, 1928; Chicago Women’s C, 1929 (prize). Work: Art Institute of Chicago, murals, USPOs, Flora, Carmi, IL. WPA muralist. (47) WWW/85

Jolan Gross-Bettelheim
Born in 1900 in Hungary; died in 1972. She immigrated to the US in 1925. She worked for the Cleveland FAP from 1935 to May 1936. Gross-Bettelheim returned to Hungary in 1956 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Jeanne Grover
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joseph Gualtieri
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Louis Guglielmi
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Paul Thomas Haas
Born March 5, 1909 in Cleveland, OH.

Malcolm Hackett
Born 1903 in Duluth, MN.

John Daniel Hagenhofer
Born December 6, 1913 in Chicago, IL.

Richard Haines (born Charles Richard Haines)
Born December 29, 1906 in Marion, IA; died October 9, 1984 in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up on an Iowa farm. As an adult he worked for severa years as a greeting card designer, then a calendar artist. He studied at the Minneapolis School of Art where he later taught. In 1933 he won a scholarship to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Fontainebleau, France. During the New Deal, he won nine mural commissions. In 1938 he married interior decorator Leonora Stevens. In 1941 they moved to Los Angeles, CA where Haines worked for Douglas Aircraft during WWII. He became a central figure in the West Coast Modernist School. (see Sebeka, MN mural)

Otto Eugene Hake
Born December 17, 1876 Ulm, Germany. Died July 16, 1965 in Chicago, IL. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; Morisset; Academy Colarossi, Paris; Debschitz, Munich, Germany. Member: Assn. Chicago A & S; Chicago Gallery Assn.; Palette & Chisel Academy; Art Institute of Chicago. Exhibited: Municipal A. Lg., Chicago, 1927 (prize); Chicago Gallery Assn., 1946; Art Institute of Chicago, 1928-30; All-IL Society, 1946; Palette & Chisel Academy, 1935 (medal). Work: murals, Lake Shore Club; Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL; Public Library, Wheaton, IL; IL State Museum; Lincoln School, Evanston, IL; Blackhawk Museum, Rock Island, IL; Champaign, IL.

Ernst Halberstadt
Born August 26, 1910 in Budingen, Germany; died in May 1987 in Onset, Plymouth, MA.

Henry Arthur Harth
Born on April 21, 1914 in Oregon. Artist who did the ramshead door knockers at Timberline Lodge, Oregon. (biography)

Childe Hassam
Born October 16, 1859, Boston, MA; died August 26, 1935, East Hampton, NY. Studied: Boston AC, 1878; Gaugengigl, in Boston, 1879; Academie Julian, Paris, with Boulanger, Lefebvre, Doucet, 1886-89. Member: ANA, 1902; NA, 1906; AWCS; NYWCC; Boston AC; Ten Am. P.; Munich Secession; Soc. Nat. Des Beaux-Arts; NIAL; AAAL. Exhbitied: Paris Expo, 1889 (medal), 1901 (medal); watercolor, AC Philadelphia, 1892 (gold), 1915 (gold); Columbian Expo, Chicago, 1893 (gold); Cleveland Art Assoc., 1893 (prize); SAA, 1895 (prize), 1905 (prize), 1906 (prize); Boston AC, 1896 (prize); CI, 1898 (medal), 1905 (medal); PAFA, 1899 (gold), 1906 (prize), 1910 (gold), 1912 (gold, prize); AWCS, 1912 (prize), 1919 (prize); NAD, 1918 (prize); 1924 (prize), 1926 (prize); Phila. WCC, 1919 (prize); Sesqui-Centenn. Expo., Phila., 1926 (gold). Work: MMA; Club House, Easthamptom, NY; CGA; Cincinnati Museum; CI; Toledo Mus. A.; FA Acad., Buffalo; RISD; Worcester Art Mus.; NGA; PAFA; Indianapolis Art Assoc.; Detroit Inst. A.; AIC; Minneapolis Inst. A.; Brooklyn Inst. Mus.; Art Mus., St. Louis; Los Angeles Mus.; Smith College; AGAA; all paintings in his estate left to AAAL. Internationally recognized as one of the great American painters, he was one of the foremost exponents of American Impressionism. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 268)

Leonard M. Havens
Born January 26, 1914 in Pittsburgh, PA. Died: 1973. Training: Hull House, Chicago; School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1938); Northeastern University, Boston (BS, MA); studied with Todros Geller (1936-1938). Federal Arts Projects: 1937-1942 WPA/FAP Chicago. Total recorded FAP print production: 4. Other professions: painter, teacher. Havens served in the Army from 1942 to 1964, retiring as a Major. In 1965, he became an assistant art professor of art at Northeastern University, specializing in Oriental art and teaching studio classes. His work is included in the National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C. FAP:AP1930s. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Charles Edward Heaney
Born August 27 (or 22), 1897 in Oconto Falls, WI; died October 1981 in Portland, OR. Heaney moved with his family to Portland Oregon in 1913. He apprenticed as an engraver, but dabbled in art until he attended the Museum Art School in Portland. Though he started as a print maker, he moved toward paintings as his career progressed. Like many Oregon artists, he was strongly influenced by his friend Clayton Price. Heaney adopted C.S. Price’s ideal of the simple life, with almost obsessive dedication to his art. Heaney loved eastern Oregon, where he traveled extensively and took photos that would jog his memory when he returned to the studio to paint the landscapes he loved. Like Price, Heaney spent time as a WPA artist in the ’30s, painting several pictures for the Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood, several of which still hang there. Recently, a retrospective of his work was put on by Willamette University in Salem. (biography contributed by Brian Dines).Additional bio at

Charles Hechter
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Zama Vanessa Helder
Born on May 30, 1904 in Lynden, WA. After graduating from the University of Washington, Helder studied at the Art Students League in New York, NY. From 1939-1941, Helder taught at the Spokane Art Center. In 1943 she married John S. Paterson and settled in Los Angeles where she remained. From 1952-1955, she taught at the LA Art Institute. She died on May 1, 1968. Her obituary was published in the LA Times on 5-4-1968Her WPA work included a map mural of Washington that was commissioned by the State of Washington in 1938 and hung in what was then called the Public Lands Building now called the John A. Cherberg Building.

Riva Helford
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

John Heliker
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Ralph Christian Henricksen
Born June 22, 1907 in Chicago, IL; died December 1975 in East Lansing, MI. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1934, 1935 (prize), 1938, 1939. Work: USPO, Monroe, MI. WPA muralist. (40) WWW/85 (photo)

Rudolph Henn

William Edwin Hennings
Born May 14, 1911 in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Charles Trumbo Henry
Born February 17, 1902 in Niagara Falls, NY.

Mary Dill Henry
Born 1913. Her work includes the stained glass window at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose, CA.

Natalie Smith Henry
Born January 4, 1907 in Malvern, AR.

James Monroe Hewlett
Born August 1, 1868; died October 18, 1941. He worked as an architect, mural painter, and set designer. He worked mostly in NY city and environs. His architectural firm was Lord and Hewlett. Besides being President of the Architectural League, 1919-1921, Hewlett was President of the Society of Mural Painters, 1921-1926; director of the American Academy in Rome 1932-1934; and Vice-President and Fellow American Institute of Architects (1928). He did the murals at Providence National Bank, RI; the Bank of New York building on Wall Street, the National Newark and Essex Bank; NJ.; murals at Cornell University in Willard Straight Hall; murals at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh; a painting done for George Washingtom Bicentenial (1932), “13 Mural Artists at National Museum”; and the painting, “Washington and His Friends at Mount Vernon,”(WPA), installed at George Washington High School, Manhattan, NY as well as designing the building and the murals for Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Hewlett did the murals on the walls of the Bronx County Court House for the WPA. Besides murals and houses and municiple buildings, Hewlett designed sets and costumes for the Metropolitan Opera, “Iphigenie” (1916) and sets for “Peter Pan” (1912) and “Chateclere” (1911), and “Beyond the Horizon” by Eugene O’Neil (O’Neil won a Pulitzer Prize for this play). Information from Anglesea P. Newman, the artist’s granddaughter.

William Hicks
Born in 1895; date of death unknown. He worked on the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1941 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Hilaire Hiler
Born July 16, 1898 (St. Paul, MN); died January 19, 1966 in Paris, France. Training: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; University of Denver; University of Paris; Golden State University, LA, CA; National College, Ontario, Canada. Federal Art Projects: 1936-1939 WPA/FAP San Francisco. Total recorded FAP print productions: 2. Other professions: painter, craftsman, designer, teacher, writer. Painted murals for the National Maritime Museum (formerly the Aquatic Park Bath House); opened several jazz clubs including the Jockey Club, Left Bank, Paris, France. While in Paris, Hiler was acquainted with Ezra pound, Ernest Hemingway, Man Ray, and James Joyce. He was also the managing director of Atelier Hilaire Hiler. FAP:AP1930s.Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Susuma Hirota
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Trew Hocker
Born on June 17, 1913 in Sedalia, MO. He studied at the University of Missouri, Kansas City Art Insitute, and the St. Louis School of Fine Arts. He also studied under Thomas Hart Benton. Hocker painted murals for the NY World’s Fair and the San Francisco Exposition. He was a District Supervisor of WPA Art Program, and later developed graphic training aids for the AAF in WWII. Hocker designed sets for television and stage in the 1950s, including the 1950s series, Ellery Queen starring Richard Hart. He also painted mural decorations for stores, restaurants, and colleges. He settled in New York City in 1947. Date of death unknown.

Carl Hoeckner
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Malvina Cornell Hoffman (Mrs. Samuel Grinson)
Born June 15, 1887 in New York, NY; died July 10, 1966.

Miriam McKinnie Hofmeier
Born May 25, 1906, Evanston, IL. Died October 22, 1987. Last known residence: Berryville, AR. Studied: Minneapolis Sch FA; Kansas City Art Institute; A Angarola. Member: National Association of Women Artists; St. Louis AG; American Federation of Arts; American Art Congress. Exhibited: St. Louis AG, 1929 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1931 (prize), 1933 (prize); Midwestern Exh, Kansas City Art Institute 1932 (med), 1933 (prize); St. Louis Post Dispatch Exh, 1933 (prize); St. Louis 1933 (prize); National Association of Women Artists 1935 (prize), 1937 (prize), 1939 (prize). Work: murals, Edwardsville, IL Pub Lib, USPOs Marshall, Forest Park, both in IL. WPA artist. (40) WWW/85

Fred Hogg, Jr.

Alexander Hogue
Born February 22, 1898 in Memphis, MO.

Dale Holcomb
1902 – 1978. Wife of Edgar Miller. “She was a member of the Easel Division of the Federal Art Project in Illinois. In 1940 she married artist Edgar Miller. In 1967 they moved to Clearwater, Florida where they operated the Roxie Motel until her death in 1978.” (from her biography at:

Lowell D. Houser
Born May 18, 1902 in Chicago, IL; died January 1971 in Fredericksburg, VA. Houser moved to Iowa in 1909. Upon graduation from Ames High School in 1921, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1923 he made a trip to Mexico with artist Everett Gee Jackson to study with Jean Charlot. Houser was a member of the faculty at Iowa State College until 1938 when he moved to San Diego, CA to teach at the State College. Ill health forced his retirement in 1957; he then moved to the family plantation at Fredericksburg, VA where he remained until his death in 1971. (biography from (Archives of American Art interview transcript)

Charles H. Howard
1899 – 1978. A self-taught painter and muralist from the San Francisco Bay area - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Oscar Howe
Born May 13, 1915 in Joe Creek, SD; died October 1983 in Vermillion, SD. biography

T. A. (Thorvald Arnst) Hoyer
Born 1872. Died 1949. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Reva Jackman
Born January 16, 1892, Wichita, KS. Died November 1985 in Santa Barbara, CA. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; W Reynolds; Lhote; FM Armington, in Paris. Member: United American Artists. Work: Bd Edu, John Marshall, Calumet HS, pub schs, Pub Lib, all in Chicago; USPOs Attica, IN, Bushnell, IL; Holy Trinity Church, Niles Center; Hawthorne Sch, Libertyville, IL. WPA artist (40) WWW/85

Pat Jackson
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Virgil Vernon Jackson
Born September 17, 1909 in Peoria, OH.

Eli Jacobi
Born May 1, 1898 in Russia; died in 1984. He immigrated to the US in 1920. His specialty was linoleum block printing - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Lillyan Estelle Jacobs
Born May 15, 1915 in Des Moines, IA.

William Jacobs
Born July 31, 1897. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Emmanuel Jacobsen
He studied at the Art Insitute of Chicago and Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Oscar Brousse Jacobson
Born May 16, 1882 in Westervik, Sweden. He emigrated to the US in 1890. He was a sponsor of the “Five Kiowas” at the University of Oklahoma.

Sten W. John Jacobson
Born on March 28, 1899 in Stockholm, Sweden; died June 1983 in Reford, MI. He studied in Germany, France, and Stockholm. He lived in the 1930s in Detroit, MI. He worked as a teacher at Wayne University (1947). USPS New York City, Queens, Forest Hills Station

Mitchell Jamieson
Born October 27, 1915 in Kensington, MD; died February 1976. His work includes murals in the Laurel, MD USPO (missing), the Upper Marlboro, MD USPO, and Willard, OH USPO plus a mural commemorating the celebrated concert of Marion Anderson in 1939 (Washington, DC). Jamieson received a Bronze Star for his work as a combat artist in World War II and Vietnam.

Richard Jansen
Registered WI WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Dorothy Jeakins
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Avery F. Johnson
Born April 3 or 5, 1906 in Wheaton, IL. He studied at Wheaton College. Johnson was the illustrator of “Mouseknees,” (1939).

Edwin Boyd Johnson
Born November 4, 1904, Watertown, TN. Died August 1968 in Nashville, TN. Studied: Kunstgewerbe Schule, Vienna, Austria; Ecole de Freque, Paris; Art Institute of Chicago; National Academy of Design; RLM Hubert; L Ritman; J Norton; B Anisfeld; G Oberteuffer. Member: Chicago SA. Exhibited: Chicago, 1930 (prize), 1940 (prize); Lathrop European Fellowship, 1939; BM 1935; Cincinnati Art Museum 1939; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 1939; Art Institute of Chicago 1931, 1932, 1934-38, 1941. Work: USPOs Melrose Park, IL, Dickson, TN, Tuscola, IL; Univ Ill; US Gov WPA artist. (47) WWW/85 – also did murals for the lobby of Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

J. Theodore Johnson
Born November 7, 1902 in Oregon, IL.

Minnie Wolaver Johnson
Born in Diana, TN. She was active in Texas and did a number of murals in Texas high schools.

Sargent Johnson
1888 – 1967. He worked as a sculptor, painter, ceramist, and lithographer. Johnson studied at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. He worked in the San Francisco FAP Sculpture Division and became a supervisor in 1939 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). (See also: Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art)

James Jones
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joseph John (Joe) Jones
Born April 7, 1909 in St. Louis, MO. He was a self-taught artist who painted murals for the USPOs in Anthony, KS; Seneca, KS; Magnolia, AR; Anthony, KS; Charleston, MO; and Exter, MO.

Prescott M. M. Jones
Born February 27, 1904 in Haverhill, MA; died in 1981 in Haverhill, MA. Jones attended Tufts College. He was active in the 1930s as a painter, engravery, and teacher in Boston. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Shirley Julian
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Virginia Kaar
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Reuben Kadish
Born January 29, 1913 (Chicago, IL); moved to Los Angeles, CA 1919; head of the mural division of the Federal Art Project, San Francisco, CA in late 30s. Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joshua Kaganove
Joshua Kaganove was born August 22, 1892 in Kiev, Russia. Apparently he taught at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1940s and lived in the Chicago area until his death in August 1968.

Max Kahn
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jacob Kainen
Born in 109. He worked for the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1942. He left the FAP to become Curator of Graphic Art at the Smithsonian Institution where he worked for more than 25 years -(from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Cecil Kann
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

(Marguerite) Bennett Kassler
Born on October 22, 1894 in Tacoma, WA (although the Who Was Who in American Art has her birth year incorrectly listed as 1900). She studied at Whitworth College and the Art Institute of Chicago. At some point she was living in Taxco, Mexico. Her work is held in the Denver Art Museum. She died December 30, 1965 in Orange, CA.

Alexander Sandor Raymond Katz
Born April 21, 1895, Kassa, Hungary; died March 1974 in New York, NY. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago Acad A. Member: Chicago Sa; Around-the-Palette; Ill SA. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1930, 1934-37, 1939, 1940, 1944; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1934; BM, 1934; Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1939; Miss Art Association, 1944 (prize); Ferargil Gal 1940; Cincinnati Art Museum 1940; Carnegie Institute 1941; Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco 1939; Los Angeles Museum A 1945; San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts 1945; National Academy of Design 1944, 1945; Albany Inst Hist & A 1945; Chicago Room, 1946 (one-man); Milwaukee Al 1941, 1942, 1944; Evanston Museum FA 1937 (one-man); Univ Ark 1941 (one-man); Springfield Museum (one-man); Century of Progress, Chicago 1934 (prize); Evanston Art Association 1944 (prize). Work: murals, Elizabeth YMHA; USPO Madison, IL; Downtown Temple, Chicago; stained glass, Anshe Emet Temple, Vaughan Army Hospital, Ner Tamid Temple, Chicago; Century of Progress Expo; Auditorium Hotel, Will Rogers Theater, both in Chicago; North Shore Temple, Glencoe, IL; St. Joseph MI. WPA muralist. Author: “Black on White,” 1933, “The Ten Commandments,” 1946 (47) WWW/85

Waldo Kaufer
Registered RI WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Camille Andrene Kauffman
Born April 19, 1905 in Chicago, IL.

Nathaniel Kaz
Born March 9, 1917 in New York, NY.

Bimel Kehm
Born February 4, 1907 in Dayton, OH.

George Antone Keller
Born January 3, 1908 in Davenport, IA. He was a self-taught artist.

Charles Harry Kellner
Born September 13, 1890 in Kasa, Czechoslovakia; died January 1979 in Chicago, IL.

Karl Kelpe
Born January 26, 1898; died October 1973. Residence at time of death: Elmwood Park, IL. Exhibited: A Chicago; Vicinity Ann; Art Institute of Chicago 1935, 1936;Fed A Prog Exh, Art Institute of Chicago, 1938; 48 States Comp, 1939. Work: USPO Carthage, IL. WPA muralist *(40) WWW/85

Paul Kelpe
Born January 15, 1902 in Minden, Germany; died December 1985 in Austin, TX. He emigrated to Chicago, IL in 1925 after studying architecture in Hannover, Germany. He received a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Chicago in 1957.

Tud Kempf
Born October 22, 1886 in Jasper, IN. His specialty was woodcarving.

Richard Hay Kenah
Born February 3, 1907 in New Brighton, PA; died 1982.

Margaret Louise Kent
Born September 14, 1913 in Clovis, NM.

Rockwell Kent
Born June 21, 1882 in Tarrytown Heights, NY; died in 1971.

Arthur T. Kerrick
Born in 1901, Park Rapids, MN; died in 1960. He attended the Minneapolis School of Art and the Art Students League in New York, followed by four years in Europe. Kerrick was one of the founders of the Minnetonka Art Center, MN. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937). In 1942, Kerrick was commissioned to paint a mural in the courtroom of the Federal Building and Post Office in Anchorage.

Edward E. Kibbee
Born October 13, 1897 in Buffalo, NY.

Albert Henry King
Born 1900

Dong Kingman
Born on April 1, 1911 in Oakland, CA; died in his sleep on May 12, 2000 at age 89 in his home in Manhattan, NY. The cause was pancreatic cancer. (website: Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Eugene Kingman
Roosevelt Dam” by Eugene Kingman (1909-1975) Acrylic, 28″ x 23″

Karl Knaths
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Harris Kohn
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Misch Kohn
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Myron Kozman
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Albert Henry Krehbiel
Born 1873; died 1945. Krehbiel designed and painted the murals for the Illinois Supreme Court Building in Springfield (work commissioned in 1907, completed in 1911) as well as for the Chicago Juvenile Court Room (1906-1907). He was a strong influence on many young WPA artists. (biography page).

Henry Kreis
Born July 27, 1899 in Essen, Germany; died January 1963. He arrived in the US in 1923. Kreis worked for the FAP on the War Department Building (now the Department of Labor Building), Washington, D.C.

Kalman M. B. Kubinyi
1906 – 1973. He studied at the Cleveland School of Art and with his uncle, Alexander von Kubinyi, in Munich. Kubinyi served as director of the Cleveland FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).Registered OH WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Lawrence E. Kupferman
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Lucien Adolphe Labaudt
Born May 14, 1880 (Paris, France); immigrated to US in 1906. Federal Art Projects: worked for the WPA/FAP in San Francisco, CA. Created murals at the Beach Chalet and Coit Tower, San Francisco, CA; while working as an artist war correspondent died in a plane crash (Assam near Burma) December 12, 1943. FAP:AP1930s

William Thomas Lackey
Born June 19,1919 in Faith, SD; died August 2, 2003 in California. He worked under Oscar Howe in the SD FAP from 1939 to January 1942 when Lackey enlisted into the Army after Pearl Harbor. Lackey also did the ceiling mural in the Yankton, SD City Hall building, the Courthouse in Mitchell, SD ( and in Pollock, SD. The Pollock Courthouse mural was destroyed when the city constructed a dam on the Courthouse building site. Lackey was most famous for his religous artwork and portrayals of Jesus Christ. information courtesy of Kathy Lee, the artist’s niece. (biography page)

Chet H. La More
1908 – 1980. La More studed at the Colt School of Art, Madison; Columbia University, NY; and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he received a master’s degree in art history. He tuaght at the University of Michigan from 1947 to 1974. He worked for the New York City FAP from 1937 to 1939 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Tom Lea
Born July 11, 1907 in El Paso, TX. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and in 1930 traveled to Italy to continue his studies. He created the famous mural, “Back Home April 1865,” under the Section of Fine Arts for the Pleasant Hill, MO USPO, as well as murals in the Post Office Department Building in Washington, DC and the USPO in El Paso, TX. His other works during this period included the mural in the South Park Commission building in Chicago, IL and two panels for the College Library, Mesilla Park, NM (PWAP funding).

Joseph Leboit
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Earl Ledyard
Born September 19, 1906; Died September 1980 in San Diego, CA. Exhibitions: Suffolk Museum, Stony Brook, Long Island, NY, Art Center of the Oranges; St. Bartholomew’s Club, New York, NY; Awards: St. Bartholomew’s Club Popularity Award. He studied under Edgar Whitney, S. Ohrvel Carlson and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Hughie Lee-Smith
Born 1915 in Eustis, Florida; died 1999. Biography page.

Carl C. Lella
Born February 4, 1899 in Bari, Italy; died December 13, 1987. He lived in Colonia which is a section of Woodbridge (source: Mantle Fielding’s Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers, 2nd ed, 1986.). Mr. Lella was a mural painter who painted murals in several Brooklyn high schools, two murals for the Woodbridge, NJ High School (1935), and created a WPA mural at a school in Perth Amboy in 1936 (source: Star Ledger). Carl C. Lella’s obituary appeared in the NY Times, Dec. 13, 1987. He was 88 when he died.

A. L. Lenore
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Michael Lenson
Born 1903 in Russia; died 1971. Lenson worked as a muralist for the New Jersey FAP as well as Assistant State Supervisor in charge of the Mural and Easel Division of the New Jersey FAP. (from the biography written by Barry Lenson, his son).(

Alfred Lenzi
Born January 19, 1906 in Italy. Died October 1986. Studied: A. Polasek in Chicago; L. Andreotti in Italy. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1937, 1938 (medal); IL SFA, 1934 (gold).

Robert Lewis Lepper
Born September 10, 1906 in Aspinwall, PA.

Louis Ernest Lenshaw
Born in Denmark on September 24, 1892; died February 1, 1988 in Covina, CA. His murals include the San Francisco County Hospital, Children’s Ward; Sunnyvale Housing Project Administration Building; and the Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939-1940.

Alexander Levin

Julian Levi
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Jack Levine
Born January 3, 1915 in Boston, MA. Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Saul Levine
Born June 11, 1915 in New York, NY.

Herschel Levit
Born May 29, 1912 in Shenandoah, PA.

Beatrice S. Levy
Born April 3, 1892 in Chicago, IL; died 1974.

Edmund D. Lewandowski
Born July 3, 1914, Milwaukee, WI. Died: September 7, 1998. Residence at time of death: Rock Hill, SC. Studied: Layton School of Art. Member: Wisconsin PS; Polish-Am A; Chicago Fine Arts Carnegie Institute; California WCS; Wis Fed Art. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago 1938-45; Carnegie Institute 1940-46; Corcoran Gallery of Art 1939, 1940; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 1940, 1942, 1944; BM 1939-42; Wis PS 1938-42; Wis Salon 1939, 1940; Layton A Gal 1938 (one-man); Museum of Modern Art, New York 1943; Milwaukee Art Institute 1938 (prize), 1940 (med); Wis State Fair 1939 (prize); Univ Wis 1939 (prize); World’s Fair, New York 1939 (prize); Wis WC 1946 (prize); 48 Sts Comp (prize). Work: Museum of Modern Art, New York; Univ Wis; Milwaukee Art Institute; Layton A Gal; Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Grand Rapids Art Institute; AGArt Association; US Treasury Dept; Shell Oil Co; US Maritime Comm; Milwaukee Real Estate Bd; USPO Hamilton, IL; Gov Collections, Warsaw, Krakow, both in Poland; Contributor: articles, New York Times, New Republic, Nation, Chicago Tribune; Milwaukee Journal. Positions: T, Layton School A, Milwaukee (1946), Forest Home Ave Social Center. (47) WWW/85. Registered WI WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Edwin S. Lewis

Jennie Lewis
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Laura Blocker Lewis
Born June 14, 1915 in Manila, Phillipines.

Ralph Mansfield Lewis
Born September 1, 1911 in Hingham, MA.

Harry E Lichter
He was a WPA artist associated with a group located in studios on 3rd and Highland in Downtown Milwaukee in the 1930s. He subsequently (after WWII) taught sculpture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became the Curator for the State of Wisconsin Historical Society.

F. Schomer Lichtner
Born March 18, 1905 in Peoria, IL.

Arthur Herschel Lidov
Born June 24, 1917 in Chicago, IL. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Russell Limbach
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Thorsten H.F. Lindberg
Born January 13, 1878 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lindberg worked for the WPA as an artist and a supervisor in Milwaukee, WI. His work includes the Milwaukee Courthouse and the Milwaukee City Park.

Robert Crawford Livingston
Born October 16, 1910 in Boston, MA. Studied BMFA School. Member: Newport Art Association, Rockport Art Association, Boston Art College; Ogunquit Art Association. Exhibited: PAFA, 1939-42; Art Institute of Chicago; SAM; Sweat Mem. M, Portland, Maine; Symphony Hall, Boston. Work: Harris Museum, Belfast, Ireland; murals in the USPO, Plymouth, NH; American Legion, Somerville, MA. Position: Director, Stoneleigh College, NH; Cambridge School of Art.

Lucile Lloyd
Born August 20, 1894 in Cincinnati, OH; died February 25, 1941 in Los Angeles, CA. Lloyd studied art in New York City but moved to California by 1921. She painted the WPA murals entitled “California’s Name” for the Senate Committee Room, California State Building, Sacramento, CA. Lloyd committed suicide in Los Angeles, CA on February 25, 1941.

Charles Locke

Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Sidney Loeb
Born August 6, 1904 in Illinois; died June 14, 1972 in Williamstown, MA. Illinois WPA artist and avid opponent of Mrs. Increase Robinson. Served as Executive Secretary of the Chicago Artists’ Union.

Richard A. Loederer
Born March 26, 1894 in Vienna, Austria. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna as well as the Schule Reimann in Berlin. He eventually moved to New York where he painted murals in restaurants (Blue Ribbon Restaurant, NYC and Stoll’s Tavern, Troy, NY). He did illustrations for books in the 1930s and 1940s (“Voodoo Fire in Haiti,” “Immortal Men of Music,” and “One Lives to Tell the Tale”). He lived in New York City but eventually moved back to Europe. He died in March 1981 in Vienna, Austria.

Fannie Louella Long
Born September 1, 1898 in St. Paul, MN; died February 1956. (text from the artist’s obituary)

Frank Weathers Long
Born May 7, 1906 in Knoxville, TN.

Kenneth Bradley Loomis
Born August 25, 1900 in Steubenville, OH.

Carlos Lopez
Born May 24, 1908, Havana, Cuba; died January 6, 1953. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; Detroit A Acad; G Rich. Member: SC, Detroit; Ann Arbor Art Association. Exhibited: Detroit MI 1938-45 (prize); SC 1938 (gold); Detroit Inst A 1934, 1935, 1936 (prize), 1937-45; Friedns Mod A 1937 (prize); Corcoran Gallery of Art 1937-39; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 1938, 1939; Art Institute of Chicago 1937-46; World’s Fair, New York 1939; Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco 1939; Carnegie Institute 1945; Whitney Museum of American Art 1945; Detroit 1936 (one-man), 1938 (one-man), 1941 (one-man), 1945 (one-man). Work: Detroit Institute of Art; Whitney Museum of American Art; Abott Lab Coll; Standard Oil Coll; murals Recorder of Deeds Bldg, Wash, DC; USPO Dwight, IL; Plymouth, Paw-Paw, Birmingham, MI; WPA artist. Position: Teacher, Univer Michigan, Meinzinger Foundation Art School, Detroit. (47) WWW/85 (for more information, check out “Carlos Lopez: A Forgotten Michigan Painter by George Vargas, Ph.D. Austin, Texas Occasional Paper No. 56, February 1999, Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI).

Ferdinand LoPinto
Born on January 4, 1906 in New York, NY. He attended the National Academy of Design. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Eldora Pauline Lorenzini
Born March 28, 1910 in Weldona, CO.

Peter Lowe
Born July 4 1913 in Los Angeles, CA.

Louis Lozowick
Born 1892 in Russia; died in 1973. He immigrated to the US in 1906. He lived in Europe in the 1920s. He worked for the PWAP and FAP in New York City from 1934 to 1940 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Helen Lundberg
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Nan O. Lurie
Born in 1910, she worked for the New York FAP from 1935 to 1942. Lurie owned an art gallery in Chicago from 1976 to 1983 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Donald E. MacDonald
Registered WA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Adrien Claude Machefert
“Painter, illustrator, cartoonist. Born in San Jose, CA on November 29, 1880, Machefert studied at the Mark Hopkins Institute in San Francisco. During 1920-35 he lived in Europe. He painted a mural in San Pedro’s Dana High School for the Federal Art Project in the 1930s. By then he had settled in Glendale, CA where he remained until his demise on September 29, 1953.” from Artists in California 1786-1940 by Edan Hughes

Loren MacIver
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Harry F. Mack
Born in 1905 or 1907. He worked for the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1939 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Norman MacLeish
Born August 29, 1890 in Glencoe, IL to prominent and wealthy parents; died August 1975. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and with P. Vignal in Paris. He worked as a WPA supervisor in Chicago plus completed paintings for the Carbondale, IL public schools, the University of Illinois-Champagne, and Evanston Township High School. (family history)

Claire Mahl (Moore)
1912 – 1988. Studed in New York at the National Academy of Design, the Art Students League, the Grand Central School of Art, and privately with David Siquieros. She worked for the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1942 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Beatrice Mandelman
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

John Mann
Fall River, MA WPA artist (webpage)

Jack Markow
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Reginald Marsh
Born March 14, 1898 in Paris, France; died July 30, 1954 in Dorset, VT. After his divorce from sculptress Betty Burroughs in 1933, he married painter Felicia Meyer in 1934.

David Stone Martin
Born June 13, 1913 in Chicago, IL.

Fletcher Martin
Born April 29, 1904 in Palisade, CO. He studied at the Stickney Memorial School of Art. His New Deal work included the Federal Building in San Pedro, CA, plus the USPO in La Mesa, Tx and Kellogg, ID (site of controversy).

Floyd Thornton Martin

Gail Wycoff Martin (Mr.)
Born April 19, 1913 in Tacoma, WA.

Marvin B. Martin
Born July 28, 1907 in Fort Worth, TX. Studied at the Kansas City Art Institute. Died in 1963. (see University of Illinois Sculpture page)

Frederick Massa
Born on September 9, 1909 in the Bronx, NY; died January 29, 1969 in East Orange, NJ. Biography page

Gerald Mast
Born July 28, 1908 in Topeka, KS; died August 10, 1971 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Antonio Mattei
Born on January 9, 1900 in New York, NY. He attended the Cooper Union Art School, the National Academy of Design, and the Art Students League. Supervisor of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Max McCarthy Born in 1896.

Suzanne Schweig Martyl
Born in 1918 in St. Louis, MO. “Suzanne Martyl was a student of the Art Institute of Chicago under the well known WPA artist Arnold Blanch and she later studied in the Provincetown Art Community under Charles Hawthorne at the Hawthorne School of Art. She was a WPA artist and specialized in Abstract watercolors and large scale public murals of which she worked with fellow Chicago WPA artist Mildred Waltrip in designing and painting.”

David (John) McCosh
Born July 11, 1903 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; died July 1981 in Eugene, OR. McCosh began his academic career as a teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago. He was commissioned to paint a mural for the Chicago World’s Fair, and as a WPA artist he painted more murals, including at the Post Office in Kelso, WA, and a mural in Beresford, SD. He was also commissioned for murals by the US Department of the Interior. He taught art at the University of Oregon from 1934-72. Until the mid 1950s, McCosh’s paintings were somber, supported by black. He turned to brilliant color, using deep violets, greens, and reds, which gave way to the bright yellows and blues of his later years. The 1940s and 1950s showed a major shift in his style from the figurative or primarily representational view of the world to one progressively more abstract. (biography contributed by Brian Dines). Additional bio at

John McCrady
Registered LA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Donlon P. McGovern
Born April 2 1906 in Johnstown PA; died November 1989 in Pasadena, CA. (biography)

Alex C. McIntosh
(see Acee Blue Eagle)

Austin M. Mecklem
Born on December 17, 1894 in Colfax, WA; died on November 7, 1951. He worked for two years in the Treadwell gold mines, Juneau Alaska prior to WWI. He attended the San Francisco School of Fine Arts, the Art Students League, and an extended trip to Europe. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

(Marie Louise) Hildreth Meiere
Born September 5, 1892 in New York City; died May 2, 1961 in NYC. Her work included the Century of Progress and the Logan Square, Chicago USPS mural.

Hugh (Hubert) Mesibov
Born December 29, 1916 in Philadelphia, PA. Won the Treasury Commission for the mural “The Steel Industry” in the Hubbard, Ohio Post Office. Was an active member of the WPA from 1937-1940. Invented the Color Carborundum Print. (biography site). Registered PA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

William Meyerowitz
Born July 15, 1898 in Russia.

Ann Michalov
Born June 6, 1904 in Illinois. Training: School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Federal Art Projects: WPA/FAP Chicago. Total recorded FAP print production: 11. Other professions: painter, teacher. FAP:AP1930s. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Dorothy Mierisch
Born April 8, 1885 in New York. Died July 1977 in Hopewell, NJ. Studied: S Hirsch. Member: National Association of Women Artists. Exhibited: National Association of Women Artists 1933 (prize); Montclair Museum 1933 (med). (40) WWW/85

Katherine Milhous
Born November 27, 1894 in Philadelphia, PA; died in 1977.

Barse Miller
Born January 24, 1904 in New York, NY; died in 1973.

Edgar Miller
Born on December 17, 1899 in Idaho; died June 1, 1993 in Evanston, IL. Married to WPA artist, Dale Holcomb. Credits include the WPA sculptures in the Animal Court, Jane Addams Public Housing, Chicago, IL and exterior bas relief sculptures (non-WPA) on the Technology Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. biography

Hugh C. Miller
1911 – 1988. He worked for the New York City FAP from 1936 to 1937 and later taught at the Brooklyn Museum Art School - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Edward Millman
Born January 1, 1907, Chicago, IL; died February 11, 1964, Woodstock, NY. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago, with L Droll; Mexico; J Norton. Member: Chicago SA; American Art Congress; Chicago Ar Un; National Society of Mural Painters; Fellow, Guggenheim Foundation, 1945. Exhibited: Times Herald Art Fair, Wash DC 1945 (prize); Art Institute of Chicago; World’s Fair, New York 1939; Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco 1939; Whitney Museum of American Art; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Corcoran Gallery of Art; National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Metropolitan Museum of Art; 48 Sts Comp (winner). Award: US Navy citation for Combat Art, 1945. Work: Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art, New York, US Navy Museum, Annapolis, MD; National Art Society; murals, frescoes, USPOs Moline, IL, Decatur, IL, St. Louis, MO; murals, Century of Progress Expo, Chicago; Bd Ed, Oak Park, IL; frescoes, Chicago City Hall, Flower HS, Chicago. Author: “A Compilation of Technical Procedures and Materials for Fresco Painting,” 1940. (47) WWW 85. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Robert Moir
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Maurine Montgomery (Gibbs)
Homewood, IL USPS relief

Eugene Morley
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Carl A. Morris
Born May 12, 1911 in Yorba Linda, CA; died June 3, 1993 in Portland, OR. Morris grew up in California. In 1935 after an art education the US and Europe, he took a teaching position at the Art Institute in San Francisco. In 1938, the Federal Art Project recruited him to found a federal arts center in Spokane, Washington, which was considered one of the best arts programs in the country. There he met artists like Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Anderson and Kenneth Callahan – the painters of the famous “Northwest school” as they were dubbed in the 1950s. Morris, probably the most important artist from Oregon who would go on to worldwide fame, painted for the WPA, including a mural in the Eugene Post Office. (biography contributed by Brian Dines)

Roland Mousseau
Born in 1899 – Minnesota; died in 1980 – Minneapolis, MN. He attended the Minneapolis School of Art and the Art Students League (New York), as well as studying in Paris and Italy. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Archibald Motley, Jr.
Born October 7, 1891, in New Orleans into a Creole home, LA; died January 16, 1981 in Chicago, IL. His grandmother, Emily, born a slave, inspired one of his great masterpieces, “Mending Socks” (1924). In 1928, he became only the second Black artist ever to have a one-man exhibition in New York City. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; France; K. Buehr; A. Krehbiel. Member: Chicago AL; F., Guggenheim Foundation, 1929; American Artists Congress. Exhibited: Whitney Museum of American Art; Grand Central Art Gallery; Harmon Foundation, 1928 (gold); Neward Museum, 1927 (prize); Baltimore Museum of Art; World’s Fair, New York, 1939; Art Institute of Chicago, 1925 (prize), 1933, 1934; American-Scandinavian Foundation; New Gallery, NYC (one-man); Atlanta University (one-man). Work: painting, USPO, Wood River, IL; Nichols School, Evanston (band room murals – lost); State Hospital, Evansville; Public Library, Ryerson School, Chicago. WPA artist. (47) WWW 85 (Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art) (biography: (CHS biography)(biography/references page)

Loren Norman Mozley
Born October 2, 1905 in Brookport, IL.

Arthur G. Murphy
1906 – 1991. Began as a cartoonist and illustrator. Worked for the San Francisco FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Henry David Murphy
Born August 14, 1909 in Natick, RI.

Hester Miller Murray
Born September 12, 1903 in Idaho Falls, ID. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Fred E. Myers
Born February 8, 1910 in Woodlawn, IL- died January 7, 1950 in Waltonville, IL.
“This artist had no formal art training. Myers was born in Woodlawn, Illinois, in Jefferson County on February 8, 1910. In 1917, his family moved to West Frankfort where he remained the rest of his life. Myers worked in the West Frankfort coal mines where he was introduced to “whittlin” by a fellow miner. This inspired him to start woodcarving, and next to hunting and fishing was what interested him most. In 1939, Myers was hired by the University Museum through monies provided by the Works Progress Administration to create woodcarvings of prehistoric animals and historic figures which are still used in many Museum displays.” (from Discover Guide: Federal Art of the Great Depression, Southern Illinois University). For additional bio information, try theSIU classroom page.


Vladimir Nemkoff
Born December 23, 1903 in Moscow, Russia; died November 7, 1998 in San Francisco, CA. Worked for the California FAP.

Dale William Nichols
Born July 13, 1904 in David City, NE.

Douglas Cornwall Nicholson
Born September 8, 1907 in Omaha, NE.

Emrich Nicholson

Ralf Edgar Nickelsen
Born February 2, 1903 in Hamburg, Germany; died 1990

Jennie Ruth Greacen Nickerson
Born November 23, 1905 in Appleton, WI.

Isamu Noguchi

Ann Nooney
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Henry Allen Nord Born 1904.

Charles Nunnemaker
Assistant to Hilaire Hiler at the San Francisco Maritime Museum mural project; painted the mural in the ladie’s lounge at the Maritime Museum under the Federal Art Project.

Myron Nutting
Born on Oct. 18, 1890 in Panaca, NV; died on April 3, 1972 in Los Angeles, CA. Under the Wisconsin FAP, he did murals for Wauwatosa, WI High School, Beaver Dam, WI High School, and for the Natural History Museum in Milwaukee, WI.

Carl Nyquist
Born 1888 (probably April 21) in Sweden. Work for the Federal Art Project, registered in Washington, DC.


Arthur W. Oakman
Born May 8, 1910 in Neponset, MA. He created the WPA mural in the Old Harbor Village Housing Project in 1940.

Henrietta Amiard Oberteuffer
Born 1878 in Havre, France; died in 1962.

Karl Amiard Oberteuffer
Born August 9, 1908 in Croisic, France.

Catherine C. O’Brien
She was born in New York, NY.

Otis W. Oldfield
1890 – 1969. He painted murals for Coit Tower in San Francisco for the PWAP and worked for the San Francisco FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Elizabeth Olds
1896 – 1991. In 1926, she was awarded the first Guggenheim Fellowship given to a woman. Olds worked for the FAP from 1935 to 1940, and was involved in the development of the silkscreen division of the New York FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Moses Oley
Born in 1896 in Poland; died in 1978. Worked for the New York FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”)

Frank K. Ominsky
1898 – 1981. He worked for the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1937 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

John Opper
Born in 1908. He worked in the WPA art program and described the 1930s as a “Great gestation period” for his art. (article)

Gregory Orloff
Born March 17, 1890 in Russia; died July 1981 in Union Pier, MI. Studied with I. Olinsky; K. Buer; Korenev in Russia; Art Institute of Chicago. Member: Chicago Society of Artist; South Side Art Association. Works: Lakeview High School, Chicago; Washington School, Evanston, IL.

Jose Clement Orozco

Constance Ortmayer
Born July 19, 1902 in New York, NY.

Elliot Orr
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Erel Osborn

Leo Raymond Ostrenga
Born February 10, 1906 in Marinette, WI; died in Waterford, WI on November 17, 1992. He exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago (prize 1930); Astor Hotel, Milwaukee WI; WPA Gallery, WI. He worked as an art teacher for the Wisconsin Art Project (1940).

Peterpaul Ott
Born June 4, 1895 in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. Died June 21, 1992 in Laguna Beach, CA. (see biography page for additional information)

Louise Carolyn Pain
Born July 14, 1908 in Chicago; died June 12, 1981 in San Francisco, CA. Studied: E.R. Zettler. Exhibited: around Chicago and vicinity; Art Institute of Chicago, 1933 (prize).

William C. Palmer
Born January 20, 1906 in Des Moines, IA.

Othello Dan Palumbo
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Frederick Pawla
Born in Wimbledon, England on September 6, 1876; died at Fort Ord, CA on December 18, 1964. Pawla did three murals at the Burlingame High School (biography at Edan Hughes)

Albert Raphael Pearson
Born February 22, 1911; died November 9, 1993, Corvallis, OR.

Augustus Peck
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Alzira Peirce
Born January 31, 1908 in New York, NY.

Waldo Peirce
Born December 17, 1884 in Bangor, ME. He was the illustrator of “Squawky and Bawky” (1947).

Albert Pels
Born May 7, 1910, Cincinnati, OH; died January 25, 1998 in New York, New York. Studied: University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati Art Acadmey; Art Students League; Beaux-Arts Institute of Design; Benton; Palmer; Brook. Member: National Society of Mural Painters; Artists Union; Progressive Art Association. Exhibited: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1938, 1939, 1942, 1944; Carnegie Institute, 1941-45; National Academy of Design, 1938, 1940-42, 1945; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1937, 1943, 1944; Cincinnati Art Museum, 1932-38, 1940, 1941, 1942 (one-man); Rochester Memorial Art Gallery; Nelson Gallery; Dayton Art Institute; Riverside Museum; Butler AII; Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts; Massillon Museum of Art; Cleveland Museum of Art; San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts; World’s Fair, New York, 1939; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; baic, 1936 (medal); Parkersburg, W. VA, 1942 (prize). Work: Massillon Museum of Art; Philadelphia Museum of Art; WPA murals, Wilmington, Del., and in USPOs Normal, IL, Washington, D.C. Position: teacher, Cincinnati Art Museum School (47) WWW 85

Mildred Pelzer

Pietro Pezzati (born Peter Pezzati)
Born September 18, 1902 at 57 Batchelder Street in Roxbury, MA; died February 19, 1993 in Westwood, MA. A noted American portrait painter who was located in the Boston area. His art was rooted in the Renaissance tradition. His artwork included landscapes, pen and ink drawings, watercolors, pastel and oil portraits. Exhibited at the 1939 World’s Fair.

Paul Pianfetti
Creator of “The Beet Pickers” (WPA) for Fitzsimons General Hospital, Colorado Easel Division - bio page (under construction)

Jose Moya del Pino
Born March 3, 1891 (Priego, Spain); became an itinerant religious painter; moved to San Francisco (and decided to stay) in 1925 while touring with an exhibition of his paintings financed by King Alfonso XIII of Spain; one of the Coit Tower muralists; other murals include the post offices in Stockton, Merced, and Redwood City, CA; died March 7, 1969 in Ross, Marin Co., CA. (San Diego Mexican & Chicano History)

Alexis Podchernikoff
Born December 11, 1912 in San Francisco, CA.

John Poehler

Paul Poffinbarger

Otis Polelonema
Born 1902 in Shungopovi, AZ. He studied at the Santa Fe Indian School from 1914-1920.

Joseph Pollet
Born October 17, 1897 in Albbruck, Switzerland; died in 1979.

Charles Cecil Pollock
Born December 25, 1902, Denver, CO; died May 8, 1988 in Paris, France*. “From 1938 to 1942, Charles Pollock was Supervisor of Mural Painting and Graphic Arts for the Federal Arts Project (WPA) in Michigan. He made murals for the Water Conditioning Plant in the State capitol (Lansing) and another for the Fairchild Auditorium at Michigan State College (later Michigan State University), in East Lansing.” from the Charles Pollock Archives website (*death location correction contributed by Sylvia Winter)

Jackson Pollock
Born January 28, 1912 in Cody, WY; died August 11, 1956 in a single-car crash.

Merlin F. Pollock (sometimes spelled Pollok)
Born January 3, 1905, Manitowoc, WI. Died October 26, 1996 in Savannah, GA. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Fontainebleau School of Fine Arts, both in Paris. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1930; Fontainebleau School of Fine Arts, 1931. Work: murals, Lincoln High School, Manitowoc; Tilden Tech. High School, Chicago; Wright Jr. College, IL; USPO, O’Fallon, IL. WPA artist. Position: teacher, Art Institute of Chicago. (40) WWW 85 Pollock was Supervisor of Mural Painting, Illinois Art Project. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Theodore Polos
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Julius Pommer
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Tunis Ponsen
Born February 19, 1891 in the Netherlands. “He emigrated to the United States in 1913 and settled in Muskegon, Michigan where, at age 30, he had his first solo exhibitions. Ponsen’s success as a traditional painter strengthened when he relocated to Chicago in 1924 where he painted until a slip on the winter ice and complications from surgery resulted in his death in 1968. Between 1924 when Ponsen entered the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and 1938 Ponsen’s work was included in 34 important museum exhibitions. Critics regularly praised his work which found strong followings at the Detroit Institute of Art, Toledo Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Flint Institute of Arts, Muskegon Museum of Art, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, among others.” (biographical information courtesy of Saper Galleries.

Henry Varnum Poor
Born September 30, 1888 in Chapman, KS; died in 1970.

George Booth Post
Born September 29, 1906 in Oakland, CA, he was raised by his grandparents. He moved to San Francisco in 1919 where he studied at the California School of Fine Arts (1924-26). He worked as a painter, a graphic artist, a muralist, and a lecturer/teacher. He was hired by the WPA in 1936 (along with his friend, Dong Kingman) to travel throughout California and create watercolors. Also under the PWA, he did the mural in the Sonora, CA High School (now re-installed in their library). According to his AAA interview, he did a mural for the Letterman Hospital in the Presidio, San Francisco, one for the San Rafael High School, and the Hartnell College at Salinas (all in California). Post died on March 26, 1997 in San Francisco, CA.

Albert Potter
Born in 1903 in Russia; died in 1937. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Students League, New York. He died at the age of 34 by drowning - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).

Gregorio Prestopino
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Clayton S. Price
Born 1874 in Bedford, IA; died in 1950. Price spent the early years of his life traveling throughout the Midwest with his family, who homesteaded and worked on cattle ranches. Price began his career as a western painter and illustrator. After a year of art school in St. Louis he moved to the West and gradually made his way to Portland in 1909 where he became illustrator for Pacific Monthly. He spent the remainder of his years painting in Monterey, California, and Portland. As a WPA painter, he was responsible for several of the best works seen to this day at the Timberline Lodge, a WPA construct on Mt Hood. Throughout his career Price’s works became more abstract and modern. Many art historians and enthusiasts consider him the “Father” of modern art in Oregon. He died in Portland in 1950. (biography contributed by Brian Dines)

Dorothy Puccinelli (see Mrs. Dorothy Puccinelli Cravath)

Robert Cleaver Purdy
Born on June 29, 1911; died on July 13, 1992.

Mary May Purser (Mrs. Stuart R.)
Born December 9, 1914 in Chicago, IL.

Stuart R. Purser
Born February 7, 1907 in Stamps, AR.

Brenda Putnam
Born June 3, 1890 in Minneapolis, MN; died in 1975. She was the author/illustrator of “The Sculptor’s Way” (1939).

Clifford Colton Pyle
Born in October 24, 1894 in Missouri. Author of Leathercraft as a Hobby, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, 1940 and Etching Principles and Methods, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, 1941. His artwork includes the stained glass window at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose, CA.

Walter Pyle, Jr.
Born January 25, 1906 in Wilmington, DE.

Leonard Pytlak
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Walter Quirt
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Mac (Emanuel) Raboy
1914 – 1967. After the FAP, he illustrated Captain Marvel, Jr. comic books - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Canio (Carrio?) Radice
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Norris Rahming
May 1, 1886 in New York, NY; died July 1959.

Earle Thomas Raine
Born August 9, 1911 in Penns Grove, NJ.

James Kenneth Ralston
Born in Choteau, Montana on March 31, 1896; died November 1987. Residence at time of death: Missoula, MT. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. His work included murals at the Western Airlines Bldg., Billings, MT; Cheyenne, WY; Noble Hotel, Lander, WY; Wort Hotel, Jackson, WY; Western Cl., Las Vegas, NV; Jordan Hotel, Glendive, MT; Montana National Bank, Billings; Billings Clinic; US Post Offices in Sturgis, SD and Sidney*, MT. He exhibited at the Yellowstone Gallery in 1944 as well as having a one-man show in 1945, Billings, MT. *He is also listed as contributing a painting to the Courthouse in Sidney, MT. – He is best known for his 4-1/2′ x 18′ painting “After the Custer Battle” (1947).

Fletcher Ransom(e)
Born 1870; died 1943. Listed in The Federal Art Project in Illinois by George J. Mavigliano and Richard A. Lawson on page 131 in a list of IAP Artists and Administrators.

Georg Redlich
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Anton Refregier
Born March 20, 1905 in Moscow, Russia; immigrated to US in 1920. Training: Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI (1921-1925); studied abroad with the sculptor Vassilief in Paris (1920); with Hans Hofmann in Munich (1927). Federal Art Projects: 1/12/34-3/31/34 CWA (teacher, PWAP); 4/1/34-7/31/35 TERA; 8/1/35-6/29/36 TERA (supervising artist); 12/4/36-9/9/37 TERA (supervising artist); 3/28/38-7/10/40 WPA/FAP New York; 12/8/38-5/13/39 mural supervisor; 1942 The Section. Other professions: painter, muralist, decorator, set designer, author, teacher (professor of painting, Bard College, Annandale-on-the-Hudson, NY, 1962-64). Created the controversial Rincon Annex Post Office in San Francisco, CA; died in Moscow October 1979. In 1941, Anton Refregier received the commission from the Section to paint two murals for the Plainfield, NJ Post Office. Refregier was the runner-up in a national competition for the mural in the War Department building in DC, and because of that status received the commission for the Plainfield murals. He was paid $2,750 for the Plainfield Post Office murals. (

Frank Reichmann
1913 – 1960; Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Josephine L. Reichmann
Born 1864; died 1938. Mother of Mrs. Increase Robinson. WPA artist. obituary from May 11, 1938, Chicago Tribune

Harry Rein
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Daniel Rhodes
Born May 8, 1911 in IA.

Paul Riba
Born January 28, 1912 in Cleveland, OH; died in 1977.

Louis Ribak
Born December 3, 1902 in Russian Poland.

Ric Riccardo
Born 1903; died 1954. Union Club bio

Lillian Richter
Born in 1915. Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Diego Rivera
Born 1886 in Guanajuato, Mexico; one of three Mexican artists considered to have revitalized the ancient art of fresco painting (along with Jose Clement Orozco and David Alfaro Siquieros); painted the controversial murals at Rockefeller Center, New York, NY in 1934 in spite of his strong socialist beliefs; personal friend of Leon Trotsky until Rivera they had a falling out over disposition of Rivera’s increasing financial success; husband of Freda Kahlo (and others); died November 25, 1957 (Mexico).

Sydney A. Roberts
Born November 8, 1900 in Florida.

John Tazewell Robertson
Born August 8, 1905 in New York, NY.

Boardman Robinson
Born September 6, 1876 in Somerset, Nova Scotia, Canada; died 1952.
“(Thomas Hart) Benton and Robinson are generally recognized as the founders of the American mural movement of the 1930′s. Robinson was the first of the two to receive a major commission. In 1929 he was asked by Edgar Kaufmann to create a series of murals on The History of commerce for the Kaufmann’s Department Store in Pittsburgh. Recently, the complete set of ten murals has been acquired by the Colorado Springs Fine arts Center. …After settling in Colorado, Robinson executed government murals in Washington D.C. and Englewood, Colorado, as well as murals at the Fountain Valley School, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and several private individuals. He also served as a supervisor for the WPA art program.”
– from BOARDMAN ROBINSON, AMERICAN MURALIST & ILLUSTRATOR, 1876-1952 An exhibition booklet, 9/21/96-1/12/97

Mrs. Increase Robinson
Born April 2, 1885 in Chicago (sometimes 1890 is used incorrectly as her birth year); died October 16, 1981 in Sacramento, CA. Served as the Illinois State Director to the Federal Art Project (October 1935 – March 1938) and opened the Federal Art Project Studio at 433 East Erie Street, Chicago, IL. (biography).(“Women Building Chicago” biography)(CA death certificate)

Walter Paul Robinson
Born October 29, 1903.

Stephen Ronay
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

I. Iver Rose
Born April 17, 1899; died August 1972 in Springfield, MA. Member: Am. A. Cong. Work: Alice in Wonderland paintings, Chicago Public Library (various branches); Munroe, NY and Jefferson, NY high schools (1940).

Charles Rosen
Born April 28, 1878 in Westmoreland County, PA; died June 1950.

Nelson Chidecker Rosenberg
Born May 23, 1908 in Baltimore, MD.

Bernard J. (Tony) Rosenthal
Born August 9, 1914, Chicago, IL. Studied: University of Michigan; A. Archipenko; C. Milles. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1939-1942; Metropolitan Museum of Art (American Artists for Victory), 1942; Oakland Art Gallery, 1941. Work: Illinois State Museum; Museum of Science & Industry, Strauss Memorial Center, both in Chicago; USPO, Nokomis, IL (47). WWW85

Charlotte Rothstein
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

W. Vladimir Rousseff
Born May 24, 1890, Silistria, Bulgaria. Died August 1979. Residence at time of death: Boston, MA. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1926 (prize), 1928 (prize), 1929 (medal, prize), 1930 (prize). Work: Art Institute of Chicago; Municipal Art League; Swift School, Chicago; murals, Nichols School, Evanston, IL; USPOs, Iron Mountain, MI, Salem, IL. WPA muralist. (40) WWW 85

Lewis Rubenstein
Born December 15, 1908 in Buffalo, NY.

David Kresz Rubins
Born September 5, 1902 in Minneapolis, MN.

Paul Rudin
Born March 31, 1904; died January 23, 1992 in Patterson, NJ. He did the carved relief for the Dunn, NC USPO.

Charles Rudy
Born November 14, 1904 in York, PA.

Andrea Ruellan (Miss)
Born April 6, 1905 in New York, NY.

Alexander J. Rummler
Born July 25, 1867 in Dubuque, IA; died in 1959.

Albert Clarece Runquist
Born October 25, 1894 in Aberdeen, WA.

Olive Rush
Born 1873 in Fairmount, IN; died in 1966.

Robert I. Russin
Born August 26, 1914 in New York, NY. Studied: CCNY; BAID with Steinhof. Member: A. Lg. Am.; S. Gld.; Am. Ar. Cong. Exhibited: WFNY, 1939; GGE, 1939; WMAA, 1941; MMA, 1943; AIC, 1942; S. Gld., 1943-46; Assoc. Am. A. Work: US Navy (Abbott Laboratories College); Hyde Park Memorial; WPA sculpture USPO Evanston, IL; Conshocken, PA.

Dorothy Rutka

1907 – 1985. Studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and was a member of the Cleveland Artists’ Union. Known for her portraits and socially conscious prints - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).Registered OH WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Felix Ruvolo
Born April 28, 1912 in New York, NY; died October 10, 1992 in Berkeley, CA. (memoriam tribute). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Charles Louis Sallee
Born 1911 in Oberlin, Ohio; Died in February 2006. Biography page.

Alexander Sambugnac
Born April 22, 1888.

George E. Samerjan
Born: May 12, 1915, Boston, MA. Studied: Otis AI; Chouinard AI; A. Brook; W. Nash; B. Miller; S. Reckless. Member: California WCC; A. Dir. C., Los Angeles; Aquarelle P.; San Diego FA Soc. Exhibited: AIGA, 1941 (prize); Los Angeles Adv. C., 1940 (prize); A. Fiesta, San Diego, 1938 (prize), 1939-42; California WCC, 1938-42, 1943 (prize); Santa Cruz A.Lg., 1942 (prize); Oakland A. Gallery, 1940 (medal); Laguna Beach AA, 1939 (prize); NAD, 1941; VMFA, 1940, 1942, 1943; PAFA, 1938-40, 1943; AWCS, 1941, 1942; Denver A. Museum, 1941, 1942; San Francisco AA, 1940-42; Los Angeles Museum of Art, 1939, 1941, 1942; New Haven PCC, 1941; Washington WCC; CGA; Riverside Museum, 1938, 1939, 1941; California State Fair, 1939-41; Santa Paula, California, 1942-45; Santa Barbara Art Museum; Grand Central Art Gallery; SAM; Los Angeles AA; Santa Cruz A. Lg.; California Inst. Tech.; Liege, Belgium; Paris, France. Work: San Diego Fine Arts Society; hospital, Lexington, KY; American Red Cross murals; USPO, Maywood, Calexico, Culver City, all in California; WPA artist. Positions: Art Director, Los Angeles Times, 1946-; Teacher, Occidental College, California. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 540)

Gordon Samstag
Born June 21, 1906 in New York, NY.

Sven Birger Sandzen
Born February 5, 1871 in Bildsberg, Sweden. He emigrated to Kansas in 1894. Sandzen died on June 19, 1954.

Marion Sanford
Born Miss Marion Sanford Sleeman on February 9, 1897 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada; died in February 1987. From the late 1930s, Sanford was the companion and art compatriot of animal sculptor Cornelia van Auken Chapin (1893-1973). Ms. Sanford received the commission for the sculpture, “Weighing Cotton” in the Winder, GA Post Office. After Cornelia Van Auken Chapin died in 1972 in Lakeville, Marion Sanford disposed of her art to the Charles Warren Stone Museum in Warren PA and moved to Eastborne, England in 1979. She died February 6, 1987 in Eastborne England. She was cremated and her ashes are at St. Simon Parish Church, St. Jude, East Dean, Sussex near Eastborne. There is a simple plaque “Marion Sanford, N.A. 6.2.87″

Helene Sardeau (Mrs. George Biddle)
Born July 7, 1899 in Antwerp, Belgium; died March 23, 1968.

Eugene Francis Savage
Born 1883 in Covington, IN.

Thomas Michael Savage
Born October 4, 1908 in fort Dodge, IA. He studied under Grant Wood.

Edmund Joseph Sawyer
Born March 1, 1880 in Detroit, MI.

Carl R. Saxild
Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Erminio Scapicchi

Concetta Maria Scaravaglione
Born July 9, 1900 in New York, NY.

Carl Scheffler
Born April 8, 1883 in Chicago; died May 17, 1962. Married May 29, 1915 to May Thurn. Training: Art Institute of Chicago. Active member of the Baha’i Faith. Two children: Harlan and Betty. Carl Scheffler was art director of the Evanston, IL schools for 15 years. Prior to that, he taught for 14 years at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and for 18 years at the Academy of Fine Arts (Evanston). Works: Haven Middle School and other Evanston schools. Evanston Review, May 24, 1962 Photo

Rudolf Scheffler
Born December 5, 1884 in Zwickau, Germany; died in 1973.

Armin Alfred Scheler
Born May 20, 1901 in Sonneberg, Germany; died May 1987 in Baton Rouge, LA. Studied: K. Killer at Sch. Appl. Arts & Crafts, Munich; Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with Kurz and Hahn. Member: NSS; La. T. Assn.; NOAA; Soc. Des.-Craftsmen, NYC; New Rochelle AA. Exhibited: NAD, WMAA; PAFA, Paris Expo, 1936 (medal), 1937; Delgado Museum of Art, 1939 (prize), 1943-46; New Orleans SAC, 1946; WFNY, 1939; Switzerland, 1923 (prize); New Rochelle, 1938 (medal). Work: Government Office Building, New Orleans; Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.; USPOs, Evanston, IL, Mattawan, NJ.

Henry Scheps
Died 1951.

Harry William Scheuch
Born April 5, 1906 in Elizabeth, NJ.

Suzanne Scheuer

Felix Oscar Schlag
Born December 4 or 14, 1891, Frankfurt-au-Main, Germany; died March 9, 1974, Owosso, MI. Studied: Kunstgewerbe School, Frankfurt; Academy, Munich, Germany. Exhibited Art Institute of Chicago, 1939; Detroit; NYC; abroad. Work: Champaign, IL Jr. High School; Bloom Township High School, Chicago Heights; WPA work, USPO, White Hall, IL; designed Jefferson nickel, U.S. Mint, Washington, D.C., 1938; sculpture, Franklin & Roosevelt High School, NYC; Frankfurt Art Museum, War Memorial, Amberg, Germany; fountain, Frankfurt, Germany (47) WWW 85. Mr. Schlag was married to Anna and had three children with her, Feliza, Leo, and Hilda. Felix Schlag served in the German Army in WWI. The Schlags moved to the US in 1929. Felix Schlag became a US citizen in 1938.

Roland Arthur Schweinsburg
Born July 27, 1898 in Ellwood City, PA. Died January 1963. Residence at time of death: Ohio. Studied H. Keller, P. Travis, F. Wilcox, O. Ege, G. Shaw, M. Evans, H.T. Bailey. Member: Mahoning Society of Painters; Youngstown, WCS; Buckeye AC. Exhibited CMA, 1925 (prize). Work: murals, Children’s Room, McMillan Public Library, Youngstown, OH; WPA murals USPOs East Liverpool, OH; Alexandria, IN; Eaton, OH; High School, Struthers, OH; Carnegie Library, East Liverpool, OH. Illustrator: “The Roaring Loom” by E.H. Miller (1935).

Lester O. Schwartz
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

William S. Schwartz
Born February 23, 1896, Smorgon, Russia; died February 1977. Studied: Vilna Arts & Science, Russia; Art Institute of Chicago. Member: Philadelphia Watercolor Club. Exhibited: nationally/internationally; Detroit, 1925 (prize), 1926 (prize), 1936 (prize); Art Institute of Chicago, 1927 (prize), 1928 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1936 (prize), 1945 (prize); Scarab College, Detroit, 1936 (prize); Monticello College, Godfrey, IL, 1939 (prize); Oklahoma City, 1942 (prize); Corpus Christi, TX, 1945 (prize). Work: Art Institute of Chicago; Encyclopaedia Britannica College; Detroit Institute of Art; Library of Congress; Dept. of Labor, Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia Art Alliance; Dallas Museum of Fine Art; Madison Art Association; Monticello College; Oshkosh Public Library; Chicago Public School College; University of Illinois; University of Nebraska; University of Missouri; University of Wyoming; University of Minnesota; Cincinnati Public Library; Biro-Bidjan Museum, Russia; Tel-Aviv Museum, Palestine; Chicago, Glencoe, Davenport Public Libraries; murals, USPOs, Fairfield, Eldorado, Pittsfield, all in IL; Cook County Nurses Home, Chicago; University of Wisconsin; Municipal Gallery, Davenport, IA; Barrington, IL Public Library; Illinois State Normal University. WPA artist (47) WWW 85. Union Club bio. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

William Tefft Schwartz
Born July 27, 1888 in Syracuse, NY.

William Edouard Scott
Born March 11, 1884 in Indianapolis, IN; died May 16, 1964 in Chicago.

Charles Sebree
“A member of the Illinois Federal Art Project Easel Division, Charles Sebree studied at The Art Institute of Chicago.” (excerpt from article). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Zoltan Sepesky
Born February 24, 1898, Kassa, Hungary. Studied: Academy of Fine Arts & Art Instruction, Budapest, Hungary; Paris; Prague; Royal Academy, Vienna. Member: Michigan Academy of Science AL; National Society of Mural Painters; American Artists Professional League; Scarab College, Detroit. Exhibited: Detroit Institute of Art, 1925 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1936 (prize), 1938 (prize), 1940 (prize), 1945 (prize); The Patteran, 1939 (prize); IBM, 1940 (prize); Pepsi-Cola Company, 1945 (prize); American Academy of Arts & Letters, 1946 (prize); Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1936-45, 1946 (medal); Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1936-46; Art Institute of Chicago, 1936-46; Whitney Museum of American Art, 1936-46; Toledo Museum of Art, 1936-46; Carnegie Institute, 1938-46. Work: Detroit Institute of Art; Art Institute of Chicago; Toledo Museum of Art; Albright Art Gallery; Swope Art Gallery; Wichita Art Museum; San Diego Fine Arts Society; St. Louis Art Museum; Butler Art Institute; Milwaukee Art Institute; Grand Rapids Art Gallery; Flint Institute of Art; University of Arizona; Encyclopaedia Britannica College; IBM College; Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum; McGregor Public Library, Highland Park, MI; murals, General Motors Building, Detroit; Fordson High School, Dearborn, MI; USPOs, Lincoln Park, MI, Nashville, IL; Rackham Foundation, Detroit; Royal Academy, Budapest. Author/Illustrator: “Tempera”, 1946. Illustrator: Fortune. Position: teacher, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI, 1932 – (47). WWW 85

Alfred A. Sessler
Born January 14, 1909 in Milwaukee, WI; died in 1963.

Howard Sewell
Born in Minneapolis, MN, in 1899 and moved to Oregon in 1920. From the 1930s to the early 1940s Sewall taught at the Salem Art Center and at various art studios in Portland and worked as a WPA artist. Sewell is well known for his abstract mural paintings which include images of common working people. Two murals depicting iron and wood workers are in the Timberline Lodge collection and Sewall painted sixteen murals for Oregon City High School in the 1930s. Sewall also produced textiles and hand loomed rugs. He died of cancer in 1975. (biography contributed by Brian Dines).

Glenn Moore Shaw
Born February 6, 1891 in Olmsted Falls, OH.; died August 1981 in Sun City, AZ. He studied at the Cleveland School of Art (now the Cleveland Institute of Art). At one time he was the President of the Cleveland School of Art. Shaw worked on numerous WPA/New Deal art projects.

Millard Owen Sheets
Born June 24, 1907 in Pomona, CA; died March 31, 1989 at “Barking Rocks” in Gualala, CA. Was a professor of art and director at Scripps College from 1932-55, then spent six years as director of the Otis Art Institute.

Effim H. Sherman
Born in 1885 in Romania; died in 1964. He worked on the New York City FAP until 1939 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Francis Shields
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Harry Shokler
1896 – 1978. Studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy and School of Fine and Applied Art in New York City. An important innovator in screenprinting - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).

Henrietta M. Shore
Henrietta Shore was born in 1880 to a wealthy Toronto family and received strong encouragement for her early interest in art. Following studies in Toronto, New York, and London, Shore traveled along the West Coast and settled in Southern California in 1913. In 1920, she moved to New York where she worked and exhibited for several years with a group of prominent “modernist” artists including Georgia O’Keefe. A six month trip to Mexico in 1827 was a turning point in Shore’s life and art. She became friends with Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco. She moved to Carmel in 1930 and resumed her collaboration with photographer Edward Weston whom she met in the 20s. She submitted drawings for WPA murals in Santa Cruz USPO, Monterey USPO, and the Old Customs House in Monterey. The series was approved. She completed the work in the Santa Cruz USPO in 1936. However, she fell from national recognition in the ’40s. Shore left Carmel in 1958 and died penniless in San Jose May 17, 1963.

David Alfaro Siquieros
(see exhibits page as well as the complete article on Siquieros’ LA mural)

Marian H. Simpson
Born January 12, 1899 in Kansas City, KS; died in 1978. She worked with Diego Rivera on a few of his murals in California. She designed murals for the San Francisco PWAP and FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).

William Earl Singer
Born July 10, 1909 in Chicago, IL.

Mitchell Siporin
Born May 5, 1910, New York, NY. The following year his family moved to Chicago. Died June 11, 1976 in Newton, MA. Studied: Todros Geller; Art Institute of Chicago; Crane College, Chicago. Member: American Art Congress; United American Artists; Guggenheim F, 1946. Exhibited: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1946 (medal); Art Institute of Chicago, 1942 (prize). Federal Art Projects: 1935-1940 FAP/WPA Chicago; 1939-1942 The Section. Work: Art Institute of Chicago; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Whitney Museum of American Art; Museum of Modern Art; Wichita Museum of Art; Smith College; University of New Mexico; Encyclopaedia Britannica College; University of Georgia; WPA frescoes, USPOs St. Louis, MO, Decatur, IL; High School, Chicago Heights, IL; Lane Tech High School, Chicago; murals at Bloom Township High School. Illustrator: Esquire, Ringmaster, New Masses (47) note: In 1939 Siporin and Millman won the national competition to paint 17 frescoes in the new USPO in St. Louis, MO. Siporin founded the Brandeis University Fine Arts department in 1951 (having taught at Brandeis since 1949) and was the first curator of the University’s art collection. WWW 85 & FAP:AP1930s. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

David Alfaro Siquieros

John Melza Sitton
Born January 9, 1907 in Forsyth, GA. He painted a six-panel mural in Clifton, NJ entitled “Transportation”, oil on canvas, installed in 1938 under the Section funding. Another one of his murals is currently installed in the Board Room, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, GA.

David Slivka
Born October 26, 1913 in Chicago, IL; worked as a sculptor for the Federal Art Project in San Francisco, CA; works include the post offices at Berkeley, CA and Watsonville, CA.

Laura Slobe
Laura Slobe was born on November 17, 1909 in Pittsburgh, PA. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago where she won several prizes in the 1930s. George C. Thorp, State Director of the Illinois Federal Art Project, described Ms. Slobe in a letter to Thomas C. Parker, Assistant Director of the FAP in Washington, DC (dated May 8, 1939) as follows: “Miss Laura Slobe, senior artist, painter and sculptor. Miss Slobe is 27 years of age, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and very talented in both painting and sculpture. She has a fine personality and is very imaginative. She has had teaching experience and is very anxious to be connected with the art centers. We have always considered Miss Slobe one of our outstanding artists.” She was “loaned” by Illinois to other states as an instructor in the Salem, OR Community Art Center. Ms. Slobe was removed from the project rolls on October 14, 1939 due to being continuously employed by the WPA for a period of 18 months. Her WPA ID# was 1413-58821. She died January 11, 1958, apparently in New York.

George Melville Smith

Vernon B. Smith
Born 1894 in Cortland, NY; died 1959 in Orleans, MA. He attended the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts. Smith was a District Supervisor for the Massachusetts Art Project. Member of the Alaska Federal Art Project (1937).

Isaac Soyer
Born April 26, 1902 in Tombrov, Russia. Isaac Soyer emigrated with his family, Abraham (father, born approximately 1868), Bella (mother, born approximately 1876), Raphael (brother), Moses (brother), and Rebecca (sister, born approximately 1907) to the United States in 1912. He died July 1981 in New York City. Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Moses Soyer
Born December 25, 1899 in Borisoglebsk, Tombov, Russia. His identical twin brother, Raphael Soyer, was also a WPA artist. The Soyer brothers were raised in an intellectual atmosphere fostered by their father, Abraham, a Hebrew scholar. Moses Soyer became a naturalized citizen in 1914. He married Ida, daughter of Russian immigrants, when he was 25 and she was 18. While they were in France, their son, David, was born in 1928. Moses Soyer was popular both as painter and printmaker. He died September 1974 in New York City.

Raphael Soyer
Born December 25, 1899 in Borisoglebsk, Tombov, Russia. Immigrated to the US in 1912. His identical twin brother, Moses Soyer, and younger brother, Isaac were also WPA artists. He died November 1987 in New York City. Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Ethel Spears
A native Chicagoan, born October 5, 1903. Studied: Art Institute of Chicago; Art Archipenko; J. Norton; H. Rosse. Member: NSMP; Chicago SA; Art Center, Chicago. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1946 (prize); Rogers Park Women’s Center, Chicago (prize); Chicago SA; San Diego Fine Arts Society, 1944; La Jolla Art Center, 1944; New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL, 1945; Chicago College Club, 1946; Oak Park Women’s Club, 1945; Chicago Women’s Club, 1945. Work: Art Institute of Chicago; community houses, Chicago; Lowell School, Oak Park, IL; Oakton School, Evanston, IL; Crippled Children’s Ward, IL Research Hospital; USPO Hartford, WI; Public Library, Rochelle, IL. (biography). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Walter Edward Speck
Born December 29, 1895 in Detroit, MI. Speck was the head of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) arts project in Detroit. In 1937 Speck painted a mural depicting the “Ford Riot” for the WPA. This mural is currently located in the UAW headquarters in Romulus, MI. The mural is in the process of being restored. View this mural and read Jim Burton’s article, “Saving a Piece of Labor History.”

Max Spivak
Born May 20, 1906 in Bregnun, Poland; died in 1981.

Clay Edgar Spohn
Born November 24, 1898 in San Francisco, CA. Died December 19, 1977 in New York, NY. “Returning to San Francisco in 1927, Spohn became an active member in the Bay Area art scene. The Treasury Department commissioned him, in 1938, to execute a mural for the Montebello, California post office, and in 1939, he completed another mural under the sponsorship of the WPA for Los Gatos Union High School in Los Gatos, California.

Grace Spongberg
Spongberg was born on April 25, 1906 in Chicago, IL; died in March 1992 in Chicago, IL. There is some discrepancy about her birth year date. According to the Social Security Death Index, she was born in 1904. By the time she was 23, her mother had died. Her father, Alfred, was born in Sweden; her mother (unknown name) was born in Norway. Her father worked as a carpenter for the City of Chicago. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago under Albert Krehbiel and Louis Rittman. She worked for the Federal Art Project, Easel and Photography Dept., and produced murals for several schools in Chicago (Frank I. Bennett Elementary School, William Byford Elementary School (destroyed), and the Roswell B. Mason Elementary School).

Robert Spray
Born 1910; died 2000). Spray who had followed Norval Gill to Tucson, became part of the Tucson Art Center (established by Bill Ronstadt of the pioneering Ronstadt family), teaching and producing sculpture in wood and executing mural commissions and easel paintings. The Art Center closed when the war started. Ronstadt joined the Navy, Spray the Army and on his return joined Gill and Cabat at Consolidated Vultee as draftsman and illustrator. After the war Spray established a silk screen printing company in Tucson, specializing in original serigraphs and fine art reproductions of his own as well as other artists’ paintings. He was a pioneer in the development of the photographic silk screen process, unavailable before that time. His work includes the stained glass window at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose, CA.

Erwin Frederick Springweiler
Born January 10, 1896 in Pforzheim, Germany.

Ralph Stackpole
Born May 1, 1885 in Williams, OR.

Bernard J. Steffen
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Nathaniel P. Steinberg
Born on February 15, 1893 or 1895 in Jerusalem, Palestine. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Steinberg worked as an illustrator, painter, and etcher. His work included the Federal Courthouse in Chicago as well as Herzl High School in Chicago. Steinberg lived and worked in Douglas, Michigan for many years. He died June 14, 1976 in Saugatuck, MI.

J. M. Stell, Jr.

Joseph Stella
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Algot Stenbery
Born April 24, 1902 in Cambridge, MA; died in March 1983 in New York City. He studied at the Hartford Art School. His WPA artwork included murals at the Harlem Housing Project as well as the Post Office in Wayne, MI. Algot Stenbery’s last name was Stenberg until he changed it to Stenbery when he moved from Hartford, CT to Greenwich Village, NYC. His nickname was “Oggie.”For additonal information, email Alan Stenberg, nephew of Algot Stenbery.

John F. Stenvall
Born September 25, 1907 in Rawlins, WY. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Harry Sternberg
Born July 19, 1904 in New York, NY.

Sam Stetson

Mary Perry Stone
Born in Jamestown, Rhode Island on May 9,1909, Stone went to New York City at fifteen to attend the Art Students League. In 1937 the New York City Federal Arts Project hired her as a teacher and sculptor. When she began teaching children sculpture, she had no experience teaching. She taught for several years at the Harlem Art Center and at the Eastside House. She has lived in Ashland, Oregon since 1992.

Angelo Straeter
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Thelma Johnson Streat
Born on August 29, 1912 in Yakima, WA; died May 1959 in Los Angeles, CA. As a WPA artist at the ‘Pickle Factory’ in San Francisco in 1941, she painted her most famous creation: ‘Rabbit Man.’ Web Site and Biography

Allen Stringfellow
(1923-), Stringfellow, along with Chicago artist, William Carter (now deceased) and others, had their talent and creative urges nurtured by the WPA art program. “It really encouraged us to make art, and a few of us just kept going when it stopped,” Stringfellow said matter-of-factly. “It gave us freedom, because we had materials to work with that were better than we’d ever had before, and we got a little pay, so you felt like it was a real job.” He and Carter were among the forces that started the South Side Community Art Center, the only WPA art center still in operation. Stringfellow began his career in art in 1938 when he signed up for a WPA slot. (source: Chicago Sun-Times, May 22, 1998, Kevin M. Williams)

Ray Stanford Strong
Born January 3, 1905 in Corvallis, OR; died July 3, 2006

Charles Surendorf
1906 – 1979. Studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Students League in NY, Mills College in Oakland, and Ohio State University. He made prints and paintings for the San Francisco FAP -(from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Howard William Swenson
Born June 30, 1901 in Rockford, IL; died November 12, 1960.

Sam Swerdloff
Born in Wisconsin.

Florence Alstin Swift
Born: September 30, 1890, San Francisco, CA; died July 1977. Residence at time of death: Richland, WA. Studied: Hans Hofmann School of Art; V. Vytalacil; University California; California School of Fine Arts; California College of Arts & Crafts. Member: San Francisco AA; All. A.Am.; San Francisco Society of Women Artists; American Abstract A. Exhibited: SFMA (one-man); Pal Leg. Honor; GGE, 1939; All.A.Am.; San Francisco AA, 1920 (medal); San Francisco Society Women Artists (medal); Sacramento State Fair, 1927. Work: Mills College; SFMA; mosaic, Art Building, University of California, Berkeley. Specialty: mosaics. (source: Who Was Who in American Art, p. 608)

Jean Donald Swiggett (Mr.)
Born in Franklin, Indiana on January 6, 1920; died in San Diego, California on December 9, 1990. His New Deal artwork included the Ada County Courthouse, Boise, ID; Franklin, Indiana USPO; and murals for USC and Polytech High School in Long Beach, California as well as murals for the S.S. President Adams and S.S. President Jackson (both murals non-WPA)(artist link)


Robert Tabor
1882 – 1972; Biography website Iowa WPA Artist Robert Tabor

Chuzo Tamotzu
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Edgar Dorsey Taylor
Born July 15, 1904 in Grass Valley, CA; died March 28, 1978 in Los Angeles, CA. Taylor studied art in France, Italy, and Germany in the 1920s. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1932 and spent the next year traveling through Europe on a scholarship. His publications include: Presses of the Pacific islands, 1817-1867 (1967), On Printing in the Tradition, and Baja California Woodcuts(1969). His work includes stained glass window in Herbert Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose, murals at Piedmont, CA High School (entitled: “Education: Ancient and Modern”), and the stained glass map in Pacific House, Treasure Island, CA (1939).

Peter Teran
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Elizabeth Terrell
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Julia Thecla
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Allan F. Thomas
Born on February 15, 1902 in Jackson, MI. He studied in England and France as well as in the USA. His murals include the Upjohn School in Kalamazoo, MI, St. John’s Church, the Radio Station WIBM, and Jackson High School (all in Jackson, MI). His WPA murals include the USPS in Crystal Falls, MI; the USPS in Clare, MI, the USPS in Wabasha, MN, the Hackley Hospital in Muskegon, MI and the State Prison in Southern Michigan. Thomas died in July 1974 in Stevens Point, WI.

Dox Thrash
Born March 22, 1893 in Griffin, GA; died April 19, 1965 in Philadelphia, PA. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and Philadelphia Graphic Sketch Club. He was one of the co-inventors of the carborundum mezzotint technique on the Philadelphia FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered PA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Alton S. Tobey
Born November 6, 1914; died on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 after a long illness.
The following notice was received announcing his death:

It is with profound sadness that that the family of artist Alton S. Tobey must announce that Alton died on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 after a long illness. Alton was an internationally renowned artist whose murals are in public places worldwide from the Smithsonian Institution in Washngton D.C. to Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, including his mural at the East Hartford Post Office on the founding of Hartford, and his Mark Twain mural at the Camp Field Library. His historical paintings have appeared in LIFE and many other magazines and dozens of books, and he was a founder of the Curvilinear School of painting. His family just recently joyfully celebrated his 90th birthday in November and unveiled the website that commemorates his life’s work, at Services were held on Friday, Jan. 7 in Mamaroneck, New York. For more information, see the full text of the press release on his death at

Jose Ray Toledo
Registered NM WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Manuel Tolegian
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Dorothea Tomlinson (Mrs. Gulaelma Dorothea Tomlinson Marquis)
Born June 16, 1898 in Fairfield, IA.

Alan Tompkins
Born October 29, 1907 in New Rochelle, NY.

Anthony Toney
Born June 28, 1913 in Gloversville, NY.

Alex Topchevsky
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Morris Topchevsky
Born October 15, 1899; died around 1976-1978. Training: School of the Art Institute of Chicago with albert H. Krehbiel; San Carlos Academy, Mexico City, Mexico. Federal Art Projects: WPA/FAP Chicago. Total recorded FAP print production: 9. Other professions: painter, lecturer. FAP:AP1930s. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Vicken von Post Totten (Mrs. George O.)
Born in Sweden.

Eugene Coe Townsend
Born October 18, 1915 in Mechanicsburg, IL.

Elizabeth Tracy (Mrs. Pierre Montminy)
Born June 5, 1911 in Boston, MA. (biography)

William Henry Traher
Born April 6, 1908 in Rock Springs, WY.

Vasily Tranquillitsky

Born on March 24, 1888 in Russia; died on April 20, 1951 in Napa State Hospital, CA. He painted murals on Treasure Island for the Golden Gate Exhibition.

Eugene Trentham
Registered CO WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Adrian Troy

Born 1901 in England; died 1977. Immigrated to the US in 1922 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

James Baare Turnbull
Born October 27, 1909 in St. Louis, MO; died in December 1976 in Woodstock, NY. He studied at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts as well as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Turnbull did murals in the post offices in Fredericktown and Jackson, Missouri. As an Abbott war artist-correspondent, he painted the activities of the U.S. Amphibious Forces in the Philippine. His work is represented in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum, the Springfield Museum, University of Arizona, the Phillips Memorial Gallery, the Louisiana Marine Hospital and others.

Charles Turzak
Born August 20, 1899 in Streator, IL; died in 1986. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Yvonne Twining
Born December 5, 1907 in New York, NY.

Julius Twohy
1902 – 1986. He was a member of the Ute Indian tribe and worked for the Seattle FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).

Jack Tworkov
Born August 15, 1900 in Biala, Poland. He emigrated to New York City in 1913.

Edvard Buk Ulreich
Born 1889 in guns, Austria-Hungary.

Charles Umlauf
Born July 17, 1911 in South Haven, MI; died November 19, 1994 in Austin, TX. WPA commission for the statue, “Protection,” Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL.

Michael Marius Ursulescu
Born September 17, 1913 in Echka, Yugoslavia.

Frank Albert Bernhardt Utpatel
Born March 4, 1905 in Waukegan, IL.

Roberto Vallangca
Born June 16, 1907 in Lapog, Ilocus Sur, Phillipines; died June 9, 1979 in San Francisco, CA. He moved to San Francisco, CA in 1927 where he studied privately under Maynard Dixon, George Post and Diego Rivera. He also worked for the WPA as an artist at Coit Tower in San Francisco, helped Diego Rivera with his murals at the Golden Gate International Exposition and assisted the sculptor, Beniamino Bufano. In 1945 he obtained a license to practice as a chiropractor and painted in his free time as a hobby.

Cleo Van Buskirk
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joseph Vavak
Born May 4, 1899 in Vienna, Austria. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Andrew McDuffie Vincent
Born on May 14, 1898 in Hutchinson, KS; died October 30, 1993 in Brookings, OR. Vincent and his family moved to Oregon in 1910 where he graduated from high school in Salem. From 1923 to 1928, Vincent studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and by 1931 had been appointed head of the department of fine and applied arts at the University of Oregon. Vincent painted murals for the WPA, including the one at the Old Salem Post Office, as well as murals for the Toppenish Washington Post Office. (biography contributed by Brian Dines).

Pauline Vinson
Born in 1915. She worked for the San Francisco FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”).

Donald S. Vogel
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joseph Vogel
Born in 1911 in Poland; died in 1995. He immigrated to the US  in 1927 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Herman Volz

Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

George Von Physter
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Paul Walker
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

John Edwin Walley
Born February 2, 1910 in Sheridan, WY. He attended the Chicago Art Institute, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Goodman Theater (stage design) in Chicago. Walley worked as Director of FAP Design Workshop in the Mural Division and as Assistant State Director, Illinois. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Joseph Walter
Born July 5, 1865 in Galtuer, Austria. He worked as a sculptor for the WPA.

Mildred Waltrip
Born October 4, 1911 in Nebo, KY; died February 21, 2004 in Tulsa, OK. biography page. Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Hyman Warsager
1909 – 1974. He was one of the initial artists involved in the Screenprint Division of the New York FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

James Scales Watrous
Born August 3, 1908 in Winfield, KS; died May 25, 1999 in Madison, WI. (biography)

Albert J. Webb
Born 1891. He worked for the New York City FAP from 1935 to 1943 - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Roswell Weidner
Registered PA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Alicia Weincek

Isadore Weiner
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Oscar Weisebuch
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Rudolph Weisenborn
Born 1881 in Chicago, IL. Union Club bio

Julius Weiss
1912 – 1978. He taught at the Portland School of Fine Arts in 1932. He worked for the Seattle FAP - (from “Art in a Day’s Work”). Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Glenn Anthony Wessels
Born December 15, 1895 in Capetown, South Africa; died in 1982. His work includes the stained glass window at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School, San Jose, CA; and the Laguna Honda Home for the Aged, San Francisco, CA.

Charles Wilbert White
Born April 2, 1918 in Chicago, IL; died on October 3, 1979 . Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Francis Robert White
Born April 19, 1907 in Oskaloosa, IA.

Minor White
Born July 9, 1908 in Minneapolis, MN; died June 24, 1976.

Victor Gerald White
Born February 27, 1891 in Ireland; died April 1954.

William Davidson White
Born July 22, 1896 in Wilmington, DE.

Sr. Lucia Wiley
Born Tallamook, OR in 1906; died 1998. Studied: University of Oregon. Member: Mural painter; Minnesota Artists Association. Entered an Episcopalian convent in 1955 in New York, NY. Work: University of Oregon, Eugene; Miller Vocational High School, Minneapolis Armory, Minneapolis; Seattle Art Museum; USPO International Falls, Long Prairie, MN. WPA artist. (40) WWW 85 1943 Post Office, Tillamook, Oregon. “Captain Gray’s First Visit to the Oregon Coast.” Egg tempera on gesso-sized plaster. 7ft. x 12ft; 1941 Post Office, Shelbyville, IL. “The Shelby County Fair.” Egg tempera on gesso sized panel. 7ft. x 14ft. Section of Fine Arts Award; 1940 Moorhead High School, Moorhead, MN. “Making Camp on the Red River Trail.” Oil on Canvas. 12ft. x 8ft. WPA; 1939 Post Office, Long Prairie, MN. “Indians Gathering Wild Rice.” True fresco. 7ft. x 15ft. Award, Section of Fine Arts Award; 1938 Trophy Hall, Armory, Minneapolis, MN. “History of the Minnesota National Guard.” True fresco. 12ft. x 12ft. WPA; 1937 Post Office, International Falls, MN. “Early Logging at Koochiching Falls.” True Fresco. 12ft. x 8ft. Section of Fine Arts Award. (for additional information about the Tillamook, Oregon mural, contact the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, 2106 Second Street, Tillamook, OR 97141, (biography page)(A Life in Art and Spirituality: Excerpt form a 1996 interview by Karen Ellis.)(A Chronology of Sr. Lucia’s Art and Achievements)

Jack Wilkinson
Born July 2, 1913 in Berkeley, CA; died in 1973.

Douglas Wilson
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Ellis Wilson
Born on April 20, 1899 in Mayfield, KY. 1916 Attended Kentucky State College. 1919 Moved to Chicago to attend Art Institute. 1920-23 While attending the Art Institute, Ellis worked in a YMCA cafeteria and tried to lose his Southern accent. 1927 Participated in The Negro in Art Week exhibit. 1928 Moved to Harlem, NY; became a part of the Harlem Renaissance. 1935 – Worked for the WPA in New York. 1939 – Had two paintings in the American Negro Exposition in Chicago. 1946 Wins prize at Atlanta University for his portrait Allen; exhibits at galleries in New York and Washington, DC and at a one-man show mounted by the Southside Community Art Center in Chicago. Ellis Wilson died on January 1 or 2, 1977, and is buried in a pauper’s grave. The exact date of his death and the location of his grave are unknown. (biographical website

La Verne Wilson
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Andrew Winter
Born April 7, 1893 in Sindi, Estonia; died October 27, 1958 in Brookline, MA.

Lumen Martin Winter
Born December 12, 1908 in Ellery, IL.

John (Richard) Winters
Born May 12, 1904, Omaha, NE; died February 1983. Residence at time of death: Springfield, PA. Studied: Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; Art Institute of Chicago; F. Poole; J. Allen St. John. Exhibited: Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1934; Denver Art Museum; Wichita Art Association; Kansas State College; Tulsa Art Association; Topeka Art Gallery; Salina (KS) Art Association; Art Institute of Chicago, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1940, 1944; Springfield (Mass) Museum of Art, 1938; Little Gallery, Chicago; Carson Pirie Scott Co., Chicago; Chicago Women’s Club, 1938. Work: murals: Stienmetz High School, Chicago; Northwest Airlines, Seattle; Cook County Hospital, IL; Hatch School, Oak Park, IL; Brookfield, IL Zoo; WPA mural, USPO, Petersburg, IL (1938).

Grant Wood
Born February 13, 1892 in Anamosa, IA; died February 12, 1942. Wood was the WPA FAP Director for Iowa, 1933-34.

Virginia Hargraves Wood
Born in Washington, D.C.

Hale Aspacio Woodruff
Born August 26, 1900 in Cairo, IL.

James Couper Wright
Born March 21, 1906 in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Lloyd Wulf
Registered CA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.


Bernard Baruch Zakheim
Born April 4, 1896 (Warsaw, Poland); immigrated to San Francisco, CA in 1920; one of the Coit Tower muralists; also murals on exhibit in the post offices of Rusk, TX and Mineola, TX; died November 28, 1985 in San Francisco, CA.

Avis Zeidler
Born December 12, 1908 in Madison, WI; died January 18, 1995 in San Francisco, CA. Married to artist Vladimir Nemkoff. Studied under Lucien Labaudt.

Karl Zerbe
Registered MA WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Gyula Zilzer
Registered NY WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Nicola Ziroli
Registered IL WPA artist -AAA Reel DC73.

Zsissly (see Malvin Marr Albright)
Born February 20, 1897 in Chicago; died September 1983 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Studied: BAID; Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, France; Albin Polasek; Charles Grafly. Member: NSS; Laguna Beach AA; Chicago Gallery Assn.; Chicago SA; F., PAFA. Exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, 1929 (prize); Chicago Gallery A. (prize); Chicago SA, 1930 (gold), 1934. Work: San Diego Fine Arts Gallery; Carnegie Library, Marion, IL; Statues in Omaha, NE and Chicago, IL; Oakton School, Evanston, IL. Union Club bio

Harold Zussin
Born December 9, 1915; died October 15, 1994 in Little Deer Isle, ME.

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