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Ypsilanti, MI New Deal Art

There is a series of murals in the Lincoln Consolidated School, Ypsilanti, done by two brothers, Leon and Bronislau Makielski of Ann Arbor. These photographs were taken a number of years ago in a condemned part of the school building.

New Deal/WPA Art in Ypsilanti, Michigan

The above information comes from: Smith, Dorothy Hitchingham, “Footsteps From the Past,” mimeographed booklet (1975) and Slusser, Jean Paul, “The University and the Federal Art Project,” Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review, Vol 51 (n.d.).

Thanks to Einar Einarsson Kvaran who contributed the photographs and information!

Update 11/5/06!
The following exciting information about the Lincoln murals (the building is now named Brick ElementarySchool, 8970 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 – at Whittaker and Willis Rd.) was recently sent by Sue:

“These wall paintings are very much intact at Lincoln School. I was in the Music room today and they are as grand as ever. The Heritage building of the school now houses these murals. They are part of the Lincoln Heritage and today a couple came in from Minnisota who know the niece of Leon Makielski. They are the proud owners of the original painting Leon painted as a practice piece to submit to the Federal Art Project.”